Be The Boss Network Review – Is BTB A Scam?

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you my Be The Boss Network Review as I believe it will help many people make the right decision. I’ve come across BTB (be the boss) in the past as a visitor of this website brought it to my attention.

Instead of emailing him if I thought BTB is a good program or if is BTB a scam, I decided to make a review out of it so everyone can benefit from. With that let’s begin.

Product: Be The Boss Network

Owner: I found It weird That I couldn’t Find An Owner

Price: Free But You Need To Pay For The Company You Choose (I’ll Explain)

My Review: I Don’t Recommend BTB


What Is Be The Boss Network About?

Be The Boss Network is essentially a website that links you to different make money from home opportunities. BTB is a multi level marketing directory but I can’t seem to believe that these companies will partner with BTB as I couldn’t even find whose the owner of BTB. This is a bit worrisome for me no doubt.

I recognised some of the companies that were in this MLM directory and from experience I could tell you that some were scams. For starters, one of the very first ones I saw was empower network ! If you don’t know what is this product take a look at my Empower Network Review.

What bothered me even more was the fact that BTB claims that they hand picked these companies themselves but too me it just looks like a copy and paste directory that they created from the first couple hundred companies they found.

The Good Vs. The Bad

If you know anything about online opportunities is that don’t be persuaded by the numbers that a product or program claims you can make. Don’t pay attention to screenshots of money figures, look at the facts behind the product that is being offered.

The Good 

  • It’s free to use their website
  • Doesn’t revolve around the overhype like other opportunities on the web
  • They give you a summary of the companies cost if you wish to join

The Bad

  • I’m still trying to figure out whose the owner ?
  • A non responsive members area
  • Lacks the live support that is needed to thrive in these type of opportunities
  • A lot of scam products that you will come across (be very careful)
  • EVERYONE is trying to sell their MLM product or program not an ideal friendly environment

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Don’t Bother With Be The Boss Network 

BTB is just trying to help other companies just vacuum all the money that you may have. Trust me I been down that road before and it wasn’t a nice road traveled to say the least. Any company that promise you riches just know that it’s probably a scam. If a product or program seems like a scam then it probably is.

Network Marketing just isn’t ideal specially for someone thats starting out. You will be promised that you will make X amount of money and that you can join for free. IT’s all a trick because they don’t tell you about the amount of training you should go to that will cost you from your pockets. Tell me if a company hires you to sell their products for a commission why should you pay them? If they want to sell more they would give you training for free !

That’s my biggest issue with most MLM. Don’t pay for any training or any product,  learn to make money online the right way. Get started for free now.

My Verdict 

To be completely see through, I’d like to say that Be The Boss Network isn’t a a scam but some of the companies they have under their MLM directory are. What is scamming people is the companies they join because they are being persuaded by some MLM company.

I’d suggest you stay far away from BTB just so that you don’t make the mistake of joining one of these MLM scams on impulse. Trust me, it’s very easy to join these companies as they do make claims that you will make thousandths seemingly over night but that’s just a lie. I do make money online and from my experience it takes hard work. Everyone is different but it took me probably half a year to see any type of success.

I juggled a full time work, school, and my social life to make my online business work so I can imagine if someone had less on their plate they could make it work with Wealthy Affiliate much faster than I did.

I hope you found this review useful as I hope it will help many avoid being scammed by some of these MLM companies.

Till next time !



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yunier gonzalez

Hello everyone and welcome my name is Yunier Gonzalez as you might know. I help out people on the internet avoids scams and more importantly build their own online business. Remember sharing is caring so feel free to share my content with your friends :)


  1. Hi Yunier,

    Thanks for your review of Be the Boss Network. When you can’t find the owner to a program, that tells me to run for cover.
    Who doesn’t put out the owner information? Scams, that’s who.
    I’m not a big fan of MLM’s because you’re always dependent on your downline and most people never make any money. It’s only the people who start MLM’s. Nonetheless, these programs persist, it’s like it’s a cult or something.
    Anyways, I always enjoy reading your reviews and thanks for the heads up on Be the Boss Network.

    • Hello Todd,

      It’s my pleasure to shed some light on websites/products/programs that on the very least should make one skeptical of what is being promised. I myself am not a big fan of MLM but I do hold myself accountable for reviewing their business objectively. I don’t feel that Be The Boss Network is a scam but I do feel they are fishing to bring money in at the cost of affiliating themselves with MLM business models that are scams no question.

      At the end of the day is you , me and everyone else that ultimately have to make the decision. Thank you for the comment todd.

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