Fastest Way To 1k Per Month Review

Product Name : Fastest Way To 1k Per Month 

Owner : Paul Nicholls

Price : $6.93

Review : Not Recommended

What Is It ?

It’s basically a set of videos attempting to teach you how to make 1K a month. Do I believe the totals below ? Not exactly, as those numbers can be easily faked.

Quick Review :

This has to be the least efficient time spent on building a product ever. There is nothing really worth while in this product AT ALL. I don’t say this usually but wow ! Even if you are a complete beginner there is nothing worth your time on this product .

What You Need To Know :

There are a couple up-sells you should be aware of before committing to this product. This up-sell is called  ” 1k per month faster” it tries to teach you how to create reviews on amazon products for a cost of $9.95.

This product entails of a series of 14 amazon videos and a free ebook.

Sounds good , ready to go ? Not yet ! Let’s talk about the second up-sell you will encounter. This next up-sell gives you access to a members area where you will be provided with an additional 14 videos with the purpose of enlightening your mind about amazon affiliate opportunities .

These up-sells wouldn’t be that bad if they actually gave you some specific information and not just so much dam general information that you can find out yourself.

The Good :

I was going to leave this sub heading blank as there is absolutely nothing good about this product that I can write.

The Bad :

The biggest reasons that I didn’t like this product is that on top of the fact that no real valuable information is being offered through this product but also the so called videos are literally so low quality that it makes it super annoying to watch.

They should have just made them audio files or just have done a podcast instead.

This product failed simply because all the information being offered you can find for free. Also they tend to give you general information like you need to be an expert in your niche or you need to obtain good enough optimisation for your website. These are good general points being made but you need to tell me how to achieve this.

It’s like saying you want to be a millionaire then you need to make a lot of money (lol) you would need to tell me how to make a lot of money not leave me in no mans land !

Is Fastest Way To 1K Per Month A Scam ?

At the end of the day, no this product isn’t a scam necessarily it does offer some basic information but it doesn’t provide you with the answer we all want and thats the fastest way to 1k per month. I hadn’t seen a product like this in a while to be honest as it seems there was some copy and paste from google being done but thats another story.

This is the biggest reason why I can’t recommend this product to anyone it just fails drastically on explaining how to make 1k per month. If you are interested on learning what is being sold in this product for free I suggest you take a read on my number one recommendation.


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