Full Sail University Review: Is Full Sail University A Scam?

Today I’m taking the time to give you my Full Sail University review as there seems to be a bunch of mixed review in the internet. Many people are even asking is full sail university a scam from the negative comments that have been made on this full sail university. This is very comprehensible as this isn’t a well known university and there are many universities that claim to give you the life experiencing degrees but are actually scams.

It’s always important to research before committing to anything in life whether a product, program or a university. Let’s take a look at what Full Sail University has to offer.

What Is The Full Sail University ?  

Many people might not know but Full Sail University (FSU) was originally a trade school in Dayton, Ohio in 1979 called  Full Sail Recording Workshop. The following year it became Full Sail University as it moved to Winter Park, Florida. FSU was originally going to offer courses in the media field but has expanded to offer campus and online course in an 191 acres area. FSU started offering online degree programs back in 2007 and consequently it has reached over 12,000 students.

FSU now has grown to offer many different type of degree programs including the likes of including business, game design, computer animation, creative writing, digital arts, film, game art, game development, recording arts, marketing, show production, web design, graphic design, and recording engineering. These different degree programs are offered in different levels such as associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree level.

Some Accreditation Issues

Let’s get it out of the way and say it, Full Sail University is not a regional credited university and this can be an issue. Regional accreditation is the basically the top notch or gold standard of the united states. In the united states, there are 6 accrediting agencies that are responsible for making sure that each school in it’s geographical location meets the minimum standards. Many universities are regional accredited which brings some thought for concerns but you may ask why ?

FSU is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). It’s basically recognized by the united states education program and it’s an agency that that accredits vocational and career schools in the United States. The issue with this is that if you wish to transfer credits to another university you will confront some major obstacles because FSU is not regionally accredited. Many people have called FSU a scam because of this but the reality is that this is the students fault for not doing the appropriate research.

Schools can accept your credits (if they choose to) but this never happens meaning you are stuck with your credits or even your degree.

The Complaints On Full Sail University

  • 80% Job placement rate (people that don’t get a job start down talking the university)
  • Can be expensive
  • Transfer of credits and degrees is an issue
  • Not regionally accredited
  • Lack of financial aid (that’s the government, not FSU)

Is Full Sail University A Scam?

At the end, I don’t believe that full sail university is a scam against popular belief. For the record I’m not a full sail university paid writer or employee or anything like that. Like I said they aren’t regionally accredited which does raise some concerns for me for future transfer options.

They attempt to set you up with future employee which is a positive in my book. Even if you don’t get hired it can always open up doors in the future. Have you any experience with full sail university in the past or just want to share your thoughts ?



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  1. It’s good to know from your review what is Full Sail University because I’ve never heard of it. I think your review will give a new breath to the student that already have a degree from that university.It will be devastated after all those years your degree don’t count for accredited.
    I think you should keep this review updated for student of the university have a place to read about the accreditation.
    Good thinking of you to write about this.

    • Hey Saiful,

      I actually had a friend of mine that was attending this school but I really didn’t know but once I heard about some doubts that people were having it actually led me to doing my own research and once I told him about it he really couldn’t believe it.

      End of story, he’s going to FIU now haha 🙂 his goal was to transfer but once I revealed that the school wasn’t accredited on a regional level he packed his bags.

  2. Thanks for your informative article. I also had not heard of this educational institution unitl your review.

    I do know that there are a lot of programs out there, both the bricks and mortar as well as online varities, that deliver less than they promise.

    Many are total scams, some are what I would judge to be mediocre, and of course there are the legitimate programs.

    I was intrigued by the subjects this university covers, they seem a bit unconventional and some seem like vocational courses or pograms. This is OK, there are plenty of jobs for these fields out there.

    Thanks for your effort on this, and if my grankids start asking about this place, I will refer them here. The oldest is 19 now and currently looking.

    • Hey dave,

      I agree full sail university isn’t bad at all but I just wanted to point out some negatives about them which tends to be hidden for most students. I think that being regionally credited is something they should really strive towards.

  3. I heard of someone actually graduating from there. I think they are doing pretty good now. I don’t think it is a scam. I also see commercials on tv for it. No financial, that sucks that may turn down a lot of people simply because they cant afford it. But I guess you have to think about things in the long run. Does no financial aid mean no loan as well…maybe you can get a private loan somehow.

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