Get Auto Commissions Income Review – Another Scam ?

This Get Auto Commisions income review will shed some light on if this heavily advertised program that you are finding in your emails is LEGIT or just another SCAM.

What Is It ?

It’s basically a software that transforms pretty much any mp3 music song lyrics into YouTube videos and then you just add an affiliate link on the description.

Quick Review:

Before you act on impulse let me notify you that adding affiliate links that is unrelated to your YouTube video will get you banned faster than you can say “I got scammed”. You are essentially spamming YouTube and everyone hates that.

What You Should Know:

One thing I hate is false advertising and that’s what you usually will get in any sales video. If there is one thing I hate about the internet is seeing people be victims of frauds that these scam artist are taking so much pride in.

You don’t need a third eye to see that you will not be making money from this product. I wouldn’t be surprised if you gain a couple of dollars off this product in the beginning as you can be lucky but your timer would run out eventually.

If you want this product, you can get it for under $10 but the money that they will scam you with would be on the nonstop emails that you will encounter. It’s almost a dollar an email as I got 9 emails ( I got annoyed ) . I don’t know about you but I hate my email being spammed.

What I Liked:

I mean as far as the strategy behind the product is concerned its some what unique. I mean the reason I say some what is because in the past I’ve come across other products like this but they concentrate on a broader genre than just song lyrics. But either I would never recommend a product like this.

What I Didn’t Like ? Just About Everything Else !

You know what got me pissed was the fact that their so called “guru secret” was to create affiliate links ! You mean that’s all ? Trust me it shocks me still !

I mean what’s so great about that ?  I mean all you will end up doings is getting banned from YouTube and that doesn’t only mean your account, it also includes your IP address . To keep it short you wont have another YouTube account but it’s up to you if it’s worth it taking that risk.

My Verdict

To sum it up quickly, stay away from this program as it’s a scam and nothing short of that. There are WAY better ways to make money online and not spam YouTube.


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  1. Very informative post. It’s pretty unfortunate that people looking for a “get rich quick” scheme would sink down to spamming to do so. Especially over a “secret.”

    • Exactly! In my eyes any product or program that is withholding information from you in a secret type of way will turn out to be scams more time than not.

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