Is Ambit Energy A Scam? Time For A Non Bias Review

Not too long ago I ran across this company called, Ambit Energy. I started doing my research on this company but time and time again I kept seeing people posting questions such as, ” Is Ambit Energy A Scam?” Meaningless to say there is a doubt that surrounds this company as there are many customer complaints online based on Ambit Energy.

Before I go any further just know that Ambit Energy is an MLM business and within this type of business there are bound to be many complaints as people believe it’s a get rich opportunity but it’s not , it takes hard work and skill to thrive inside the world of MLM.

From what I read online, there seems to be some websites that have reviewed Ambit Energy but it seems more like they are justifying why this company so great and not a scam making it a sales type of review instead of just giving a biased review that people can benefit from. I plan to break down this company to the best of my knowledge.

What Is Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy was found back in 2006 by Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless. They are a multi level marketing company that provide products and services by offering natural gas and electricity in energy markets in the U.S that have previously been regulated. They operate in about 15 different areas which include  California, Connecticut,  Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The company headquarter is in Dallas, Texas but their call center is actually in Plano, Texas. As  you know Ambit energy hires consultants or distributors that work directly with customers on how Ambit Energy could benefit them.

MLM Business Model

First things first ! There is an initial $429 fee and a $24.95 monthly fee , lets take an in depth look at the business side of things.

In the world of MLM many people will not make money and the people that do will tell you it’s not easy work. In reality it takes a lot of hard work that most people are not willing to put in. What I seen from many reviews that I’ve done on MLM companies is that people tend to label a company a scam if it doesn’t workout for them without even understanding the business aspect of things before joining an opportunity like this.

The process in theory, you become a distributor then you sign up people to your team and then your team members sign more and more people making you rich. Okay ignore that rich part because that just isn’t realistic at all lol. It’s hard enough of getting people to sign up but you need to also take to account how these people might pay for the fee but never get anyone else to sign up (this happens a lot). This sign up that you brought into ambit energy barely has no value to you at all.

What makes A MLM Company A Scam ?

  • They don’t have a valuable product or service (ambit energy does have good product and services)
  • If the company isn’t financially stable (Ambit Energy makes 1 billion on revenues yearly) That’s pretty stable!
  • The company isn’t reputable ( the complaints come from people that haven’t succeeded not about the actual company necessarily)

In other words, Ambit Energy is a very successful business as you can see from their revenue. Think about it, if these reviews on Ambit Energy were scams like many people claim , why would they still be generating so many customers ? The truth is most people will just write up reviews online on certain websites because they didn’t make money with it.

These people are probably the ones that just sign up and expect to make a full time income with no effort. Everyone that is associate with MLM knows that it takes a lot of hard work and determination !

If you are bringing up the lawsuits then be aware that these are investigations that are going on based on the price of services increasing but these were known in the terms and condition. the services offer 7% saving starting but after 2 years this would be open to increasing depending on the market but many people didn’t take this into account unfortunately.

My Verdict

From what I researched and found out by my time is the fact that Ambit Energy is not a scam but like most MLM opportunities they are just difficult to succeed with.

I prefer to build online business instead but maybe that’s just me. I personally recommend my number one ranked program that has help thousandths accomplish full time financial freedom.

If you are a person that is comfortable with public interaction and are willing to put in work then you could be successful with MLM.

Have you had any experience with Ambit Energy ? Share your thoughts down below in the comment section.

Cheers –



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  1. Hi Yunier, thank you for this informative post on Ambit Energy.

    I was involved in MLM before and I agree with you that MLM is not an easy business. Not all MLM companies are scams as you said. Amway is another good example. It requires a lot of hard work, calling and product demo. Many people gave up when the see no money in the first few months.

    • Hey Edmund,

      I couldn’t agree with you more as many people don’t know what they are getting themselves into. It may be seem easy and simple but it’s quite the contrary if you ask me. It takes a certain amount of skill, hard work , and willing to put an excess amount of time that most will not do.

  2. Hello Yunier,
    I agree with you about MLM’s they get a lot of bad press by people who just did not take the time to do the work, and there is a lot of work involved.
    I have never heard of Ambit Energy, I know why, I live in Oregon and they do not operate there.
    MLM’s can be quite profitable if, like you have pointed out, they have a quality product and if you work the program they way it should be worked.

    Great Info,


    • Hey San,

      Truthfully if you really see success within a MLM opportunity then you are going to be making a lot of money but the issue is seeing results. It doesn’t help that there’s a really high failure rate. It’s just not for everyone, i’ve said it before it’s not for me and i have experience with it just not my cup of tea.

  3. Hi Yunier,
    Thanks for sharing this review with us. I am not that familiar with ambit. You detailed review gave us a clear information of why people complain about ambit. Yes, every success need hard work and time. No one gets rich overnight with any effort. Probably check out that program too.

    • Thank you Yishan,

      My goal with this review was to help my readers make a sound decision on if such opportunity would be right for them.

  4. I like your honest review and your unique approach. I do the same when writing reviews and in my opinion it’s wrong to call every program a scam only because you haven’t been able to achieve a success with it. As I can see Ambit Energy is not a scam and it works but it works for certain groups of people because MLM business is not for everyone. Most MLMs teach people only how to recruit others and they don’t teach you how to build a real business. I reviewed many MLM programs and I can only say that only few people can achieve success in this type of business and there are always many complaints about MLMs. Ambit Energy is definitely not a scam, just it’s not for everyone.

    • Hello Rufat,

      You are definitely right about not every program being a scam but people don’t see it like some of us do. I like living by a quote” you get back back as much as you put in” (i think it goes like that ) lol what i mean is that many people will expect success in the first month and honestly that rarely ever happens unless you have a very good grasp of selling and in most cases recruiting.

      The other point you made which I can agree with is the fact that many companies will never train you extensively about selling. The’ll just encourage you to recruit a lot which shouldn’t be the goal of your business.

  5. Dear Yunier

    Very interesting review. I have never heard of Ambit Energy but then I live in Australia.

    It is hard to make money with MLMs – I tried Amway once but found I was just buying the products and not making any money. Basically because I don’t like coercing my friends and family into buying things. You can lose friends that way.

    It was good to read something where you don’t immediately call it a scam. You are right when you say that people immediately label companies as scams if they don’t work out for them. A lot of people don’t want to put in the effort to achieve success.

    I enjoyed reading your review. Thanks.


    • Hey Lucinda,

      Thank you for taking the time to look at my review of ambit energy. I try looking at everything I do in a very objective way possible as many people get their feelings in between of the products they may review. I myself was once scammed by the famous empower network, I’m sure you heard of it but that doesn’t mean every company will scam you.

      There are some genuinely good MLM are there but it’s just very hard to succeed with them. MLM companies are looked upon in the negative light from the public eye point of view.

  6. I know I was one that was skeptical about MLM companies when I first began to learn how those businesses run. Now that I have a better understanding, I know that most of them are actually real companies, with real products. Still, there are crooks out there so it’s always good to have an inside track on some of these MLM companies. Thanks for your review.

    • hey ben,

      I agree that there are a lot of legit companies and products but it’s usually the distributors that give a bad name to the company. They expect to make a full time income overnight and it rarely happens.

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