Is A Scam Or A Legit Opportunity ?

Before I go in-depth on is a scam or a legit opportunity lets first take a look at what this website actually is.

What is ? is a advertiser site that you might have seen on television in the past. Like survey websites should be is free but its a little different than your normal survey website. They don’t provide you with surveys and pay you as other survey websites are notoriously known for.

Think of big spot as almost a middle men, they connect you with survey websites like surveysay that will compensate you but lets see what Big spot requires of you for this service. To be honest, Big spot is a head as you don’t get paid by them which truly means that each survey website you sign up to from the different options that Big spot provides all have different policies that you should be very careful with.

Here’s Why I Don’t Recommend Big Spot

Big spot tends to deceive you as well, you already know that they personally don’t give you the surveys they are the median between other survey websites. If you read their policies you will find out that they say that they don’t sell or give your information to third parties without your consent and here is where you need to be careful.

Once you sign up to, a page will come up stating that you have been chosen for a special reward or opportunity. Once you click that you want to find out more , that’s it! You have officially authorized them to sell your information to third parties. Be aware that you will get a lot of spam emails and an equally amount of phone calls.

There has actually been many complaints about Big Spot in the past and I just wanted to shed some light on this website. Hopefully I could help aware some people that weren’t inform properly about this website.

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