Is Blogging A Business? The Future Is Changing As We Speak

 Do you like to blog?

First off, what is blogging? To me, blogging is just writing about a certain topic. It’s really just writing for the sake of having your voice heard but is blogging a business?.

This is probably not the first time you heard about blogging but have you taken action into this or do you ask yourself is blogging a business? Do you know the opportunities that are with blogging?

If you like writing on your experiences or a certain topic, then blogging is for you!

Still this seem like a hobby not a business right? Keep reading as you will learn to make money by just blogging to a status of financial freedom.

Why Blogging is a business

It’s simple, you can actually make money! The most important thought that you should keep true to yourself and do what you want to do. When you have a passion or a niche, keep in the mind that in the future it’s easier to brand yourself. Find out what your passion is and then go forward without looking back.

You can network yourself in so many ways ! From making videos on YouTube or Vimeo, sharing your content Facebook, Google, twitter, or any other social platform.

Tell me, do you think it will be hard getting people to read your content? Remember the idea is not to get everyone to read one post but to get a decent amount of people reading most of your posts. This will lead to getting a good amount of monthly visitors which ultimately will lead to your website being a dominant force in the search engines.

What type of blogging do you want to do?

Niche Sites: These sites specialize in creating valuable content mostly just reviews, putting most common products, and this will the number 1 way of making money as this will be directed visitors that know what they are getting when arriving at your website.

Your content will easily shared through readers and this will provide exposure for you and your website.

Business Blogs: This in my opinion, is one of greatest growing type of blogs right now. Businesses have realized just because you put your service out there doesn’t mean that people will find you.

In reality, a lot of companies are beginning to hire bloggers to write quality related content that revolves around the business as this will look excellent in the search engines eyes. If you have a business and you are not adding new content via post or pages, then you will be left behind.

To be frankly honest, this is the number one type of blog just simply because as far as content is concerned these businesses are paying high end writers some well money to write for them. Most of the time is more than one writer contributing to these posts which means that 4 eyes is better than 2.

Professional Blogs: Now this type of blog falls in between niche sites and business sites. It sort of has a mix of both but the ultimate different is that professional blogs usually only have 1 or 2 websites with a how-to format which is displaying their expertise.

Now in the website instead of affiliate marketing they will advertise their own product or own service. They will provide a how to solve a problem kind of structure as they will write about issues in the market like for example if they write a post on how important SEO is and then somewhere in the page they might link you to there own instructional course or maybe a pdf file, something around those lines.

Which type of blog to choose?

At the end of the day, I feel these 3 types of blogs in one way or another intertwine with each other. Usually when you start a blog site you don’t actually know the direction you want to take with it.

As you gain experience and sense what intrigues you then you will pave your own path to the road you wish to take. Remember be true to yourself and your story will be unique.

Write what you think and people will follow you where ever your blog takes you.

If you decided what type of blog want you to do and don’t know where to get started I have a prior post that you might find helpful.

It concentrates on how to build an online business for free. Please leave your feedback and I will respond pretty quickly as I’m constantly updating my information 🙂





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  1. Great post. I just discovered the world of blogging 7 months ago and it has been a blessing to me. I have always loved writing and now I am learning how to do this as a living!

  2. Hi Admin

    your website is a great tool to inform others. I’m here for 8 days now and it’s just great. Doing this from Switzerland reaching the whole world.

    I’m interested in your experience about the best way to put your niche into money.THanx

    • Hello Stefan, I’m glad you found your way into the internet marketing world within wealthy affiliate. In the near future I will write about how to turn a niche into money maybe even do a video.

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