Is Coffee Shop Millionaire A Scam ?

Time to find out, is coffee shop millionaire a scam or an actual good product that you can trust ? Before you even think about purchasing that product I suggest you read this review carefully so let’s begin.


 Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire


Owner: Anthony Trister

Price: $37 per month plus a good amount of upsells

The coffee shop millionaire or csm for short, was created with the intention to help anyone that was looking to learn marketing. They offer some training and lessons for people (how the name say) for anyone that wants to become a millionaire. Anthony trister the creator of this product to say the least didn’t make exactly a great product beware he is a sales person. It’s so surprising to get a sales video right off the bat or maybe not?

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The Good

To be fair it’s one of the lower cost per month product initially but with the upsells is a different story. They also tell you upfront the type of work that is required to achieve success wish is rare to find to be honest.

That’s as far as the good is concerned in my book, now let’s look at the bad

The Bad

  • Training is not kept up to date which makes it outdated and pointless
  • Some extra cost that is hidden
  • This is a no brainer, being a millionaire ?
  • No support which leads to lacking the necessary guidance
  • A lot of negative reviews by members
  • Let me not forget the annoying up sells

Is CMS for you ?

The modules and training are targeted for anyone at any level from A to Z but the real work comes after that. Learning something and actually applying it to a certain situation is very different. I have a personal belief, that if you are going to put up training and lesson modules you should definitely have a legit community of some sort where questions can be asked and answers will be given but I didn’t find that.

The training has a certain assumption to it as too many times I saw Anthony talking in a manner that he assumed everyone had some sort of experience with internet marketing. It could be for everyone but it’s not for it can get very vague for you if you didn’t have prior experience.

What’s included with the training and lessons ?

As far as the training is concerned there are 12 lessons to get you started and after that some videos but what really turned me off was….. wait for it… I felt my intelligence being disrespected by the claims that were made ! There was a claim of you making twenty one thousand in just a couple of weeks . To make things more interesting the claim was also stated that you could do this with out a list or product.

Now hold up! Anyone that is in the internet marketing world and has any sort of experience should no that this is pretty much impossible when starting out .

There was a specific training under “cash machines” which they explain video marketing , email marketing , and local marketing to name a few but one thing severely lacked in this training . The fact that the trainings were so broad and not specific really killed it in my opinion .

If you are going to go into these types of training you better get specific with it or if not it’s just a waste of time.

Some Very Bad Support

besides the standard phone call support for members their support truly lacks. They claim to have a super informative and top notch community but I also too many question go unanswered. Even in their Facebook page there is a whole bunch of complaints for this very reason.

No support means possible failure in a heartbeat !

The Actual Cost Of Your Membership

The standard price is $37 a month which comes with the training and the so called ” support” but then it get’s slimy. Here’s what I mean, right after you sign up you are taking straight to another product for an up sell of $297 . Don’t even think about paying for that product either as if it’s anything like coffee shop millionaire you will just be wasting your money.

Next, you will have to get your website but with that comes the hosting but that is very expensive a good $100 more ! You don’t have to be Einstein to figure this out but that is not $37 no more .

If you don’t like upsells plus hate side ways products then I suggest you don’t get annoyed  and run the other way.

My Verdict

The other reason that I stated that it will get slimy is this exactly.. If you actually look for reviews online you might get a lot of positive ones and this is because as you can see from the up sells they have a lot of partners which are boosting coffee shops millionaires name to blind side you !

All everything you encounter are videos claiming that coffee shop millionaire is legit but no real data to back it up . It’s honestly up to you but if I were you I wouldn’t waste my time. Is it a scam ? Well, it almost is but to me it’s just a sales man wanting to gain more money at any cost necessary.

Avoid CMS and take a look at my number one recommendation that delivers excellent support with an actual community that is always helping out.

Do you have a personal experience with CMS that you would like to share ? Please do so and I will get back to you as soon as possible.






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