Is Full Money System A Scam?

Is full money system a scam or is it a legit program? I’m doing this review to raise awareness as there are many people skeptical of this program.

It really doesn’t get off to a good start as became very sketchy to me since the very beginning. Any program that gives you a sales page with nice cars and other luxury products usually has nothing to deliver.

Here is my in depth review about the full money system.

What Is The Full Money System ?

This is a proclaimed get rich program which claims they can make you earning over a million dollars and easily 46 thousandth every day. Are you skeptical yet ? I sure am !

This program is sold for $49 but with the discount you can get it for $9.

Don’t get too excited as that is only the basics as you have to deal with the upsells which they claim is some secret type of stuff that has never been revealed, EVER . The first upsell you will deal with is $198 but you can actually get it for $98 from a pop up that gives a discount as you leave their website.

After this you are magically chosen to be part of a secret society that promises you the endless possibilities . I’m crying here… OF LAUGHTER! I cant believe what I was seeing. Now that I got that laugh out of my system let me continue with this full money system review.

One more upsell everyone, it’s suppose to be some magical traffic generator which they are taking advantage of a video of theirs going viral. That’s all perfect but you cant go and say that by buying this program I will be getting one million dam visitors ! That is not right everyone like seriously, who can actually believe that .

This viral traffic is sold for $97 but you can get it for $47

Everything You Get With The Full Money System:

Here’s the process in a nutshell . First comes the welcome video to their program.

second comes the 1 on 1 phone call with a business advisor .

Third comes a future webinar. Fourth you free websites from a hosting company.

Fifth automated paydays

lastly a free cash app.

What’s Next

The majorly of the videos are just upsells thrown to your face. I ignored these videos and continue on with the program to see what it was made up off. I broke down what I found in a very simple way.

The first video was 15 minutes; It was a tutorial on pretty much how to make a sales page in the html format. It also covered the hosting aspect of things but very briefly.

I’m inside here and I’m actually stunned of the price of this program in comparison to what I’m receiving in return but I continue. Next was creating your website and getting a super expensive hosting platform.

This really absurd in my opinion.

The rest is basically minor training on creating additional html pages. If you are new to internet marketing then it will take you time to become proficient at html.

ALSO, If you come across the traffic money system STOP YOURSELF! Don’t download it as it’s known to bring viruses into your computer. This is very unreliable and scammy.

My Verdict

At the end of this review I’ve come with 2 conclusions. One is that this program is a complete scam and everyone should avoid it at all cost necessary. second, this honestly seems like they copied another product! It really looks like they copied and paste a product and just gave it a new name.

I mean seriously, what does this program have ? A couple of html coding pages ? That is not impressive in my eyes and it definitely does not cost hundreds of dollars at all. Doesn’t matter now as I believe they went out of business.. They are no longer running any campaigns.

Sorry full money system but you are getting slapped with a scam mark !

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