Is Global Intergold A Scam? My Unbiased Review

Today I’m tackling the question is global intergold a scam or maybe should I say Emgoldex. The highly controversial and vague business model name Emgoldex has just changed to Global Intergold which is for one and only one reason, further themselves away from the MLM business name label that they have gotten.  Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.00.18 PM

It’s sad the company and it’s members try to extract themselves from being associated with the MLM business model but before you get any type of compensation you need to refer people over to this opportunity. Tell me if that doesn’t just scream MLM to your face or am I going crazy here ? To spare your time if you want a legitimate work from home opportunity that is actually legit I suggest you take a look at my number one recommendation.

Global Intergold=Emgoldex

They choose to avoid labelling the people they recruit as “members” claiming that they are clients and that the referral system is just a return on investment they receive. To me this is all excuses from these members as you have to bring in 2 members minimum to gain your incentive.

They insist that recruiting is an option and not mandatory which is a way to not require registration from the social security commission (sec). It should be brought up that this agency actually came out labelling this company as a potential scam. That is not a good thing to have attached to a company.

It should be said that they do have an online store where gold is being sold and bought . My only issue is that for this sole reason they claim that they aren’t a MLM business model which has me shaking my head at the very moment.

Why would they have changed names from Emgoldex to Global Intergold? To me it’s simple they just wanted to extract the negative light they had received from Emgoldex. Did they actually improve their opportunity or are they just trying to promote their opportunity through a different website because too many people think they are a scam?

My Verdict

I’m not against MLM business models and it has it’s place in the business world but this just isn’t a legitimate opportunity I would recommend. I’m not about to recommend a company that has had so many people label it a scam and even the SEC .

Maybe in the future if they prove themselves as a MLM business model but that doesn’t look like it’s happening any time soon. Let me know what you thought of my review specially If you have had experience with this company in the past.

If you want a legitimate opportunity I highly recommend you take a look at my number one recommendation as you will find it very hard to see anyone calling this program a scam.



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  1. Just another idiotic comment. Do your homework again. Sorry you failed mate. Be a client so you will understand. I’m doing a fantastic business with globalintergold formerly emgoldex.

    • It was even a comments it’s a post.. you should familiarise yourself with the terminology you are using. I’m glad that you are doing well with a company has been under the negative light for the type of business they have been performing. Also not everyone does well with MLM so yes ill stick with my original remark that it’s not for everyone.

  2. I am an American citizen born and raised, I invested 8 times in EmGoldEx/GlobalInterGold and I have not had 1 problem,,SHOW ME THE NEGATIVE FEED BACKS!!!!,,there arent any,,,I havent seen 1 negative feed back regarding this Investment Program,,the media is saying bad things about Global Intergold because the government isnt able to collect on taxes,,TOUGH SHIT ON THEM!!!!!

    • Good for you nick ! It seems you didn’t even read my article thoroughly as civic fraud was filed against many of the top emgoldex investors which really doesn’t boast well for their business ethics. Also, the Philippines SEC issues regulatory warning against EmGoldex ! Why do you think they actually changed their company name ? If you don’t know why either you weren’t well informed or are being blinded.

  3. I read this article, and I for one can not confirm or deny the truths of the other members from Global Intergold. I for one want to know why in 2nd paragraph you are submitting your link to join under you in another business or opportunity, so this leads me to believe you are not 100% in your reasoning as you are luring people to click on your link to sign under you as your #1 Recommendation, what a flake you are…happy trails…

    Don’t do another review until you have decided to not promote your own business as a way to gain traffic from other visitors to this site.

    YOU are in fact a very sad person recruiting people on this review to believe and to trust you.

    • it seems you don’t know how the internet works.. Cross promotion is something that is everywhere.. you are down talking me for providing a link to my number one recommendation ? if you don’t know I created a website to help out people making money online so if I feel that my number one recommendation is better than the program I’m reviewing than no I don’t think i’m cheating anyone over. You sir have a very good day !

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