Is Hubert Senters A Scam? You Will Want To Read This

This is a review on the trash can trader and it will also answer the question is Hubert senters a scam. A lot of people don’t know who this person is so I will briefly explain. Hubert senters is a stock trading services professional and claims by everyone doing what he does that they will see results, but he doesn’t guarantee results ??


The trash can trader program cost $497 with a 60 day guaranteed. You will end up a manual on 4-8 recommendations that you should follow and also alert emails in case any  of the recommendations have changed. It comes also with a twice a year online members boot camp that people attend. Hubert Senters - Trading Tips & Tricks - Internet Explorer 2015-02-05 10.18.20

Basically you will be copying Hubert senters as you will be notified which recent stocks he was trading for but remember he has money to invest while the average person doesn’t.

How Much Will It Cost You?

The cost will depend on you and it can get very expensive in the short and long run. The short amount of success stories have come from people investing thousandth of dollars into Hubert senters, do you trust him that much? I mean, he even put’s a claim that he doesn’t promise results so if you don’t get that type of success it’s on you.

That seems very fishy but the calls on you. He’s even admit that he loses a lot in his own words ” my win/loss ratio is 42 percent” are you willing to take those chances ? I mean you might as well just arrive at your local casino and go all in at everything , right ?

He even dropped out of college and then luckily found someone that started teaching stocks to him.

Too Big Of A Risk

For the average person, this will not work as the chances that you will lose are way too big to actually go in with a clear mind. Making money shouldn’t be like this at all as there are way better ways to do this. I mean, are you comfortable paying that much knowing you can lose everything in a single trade? I surely aren’t okay with that !

At the end is Hubert senters a scam ? In reality no because he doesn’t claim you will get rich over night and that’s the whole point. People assume that he’s saying that but he really isn’t which makes it seem like a scam when you lose out but it really all fell on you.

A Better Option

As you see that here isn’t any guaranteed which makes me feel like you are playing with fools gold. I would avoid this guy and program if I were you, a better way to make money is really with an online business. Don’t know how to ? You can either sign up for my person tips and guides on how to do this or read my wealthy affiliate review. You will find everything you can possibly need in there and it will blow Hubert senters out of the water.

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