Is Internet Income University A Scam ? My Honest Review

This review today is meant to answer the question on, is internet income university a scam?.To not waste your time anymore, lets begin with this review.

Product Name : Internet Income University

Owner : Kevin and Darin Blue

Price : $30 but with some up-sells 

Up-sells : $19.95/month, $14.95, $97, $177, $49/month, $97, $296, $497 (Total = $319 + $567/month)

Review : I Do Not Recommend 


This product is a poor mans attempt to squeeze out all the money they can out of their members by discussing their up-sells through affiliate marketing training that is being offered.

In other words, this falls in the same waters as pyramid schemes as it is loaded with back end up-sells that will drive the cost of this product up the roof if you start paying for each one.

What You Need To Know :

I feel this product was deserted a while back as you can’t even find their website on the search engines anymore as it has been exposed through many reviews. Once I did find the actual product, there was not much to it that I would say that it be beneficial. Usually with this type of product and it holds true, that it’s nothing more than a lot of marketing terms being spammed. What do I mean you may ask?

When a product holds no actual value to it’s costumer then they try convincing the buyers by enriching them with marketing terminology that appeals in a positive matter. In other words, you sit more through sales pitch then actually learning about what affiliate marketing should be.

Simply put, if a product stops updating their content what do you think happened ? lol Here’s a hint ; scam scam scam!!

The Good :

The only thing worthwhile taking from this product was the fact that they said they you should only promote high quality products or service , this is true but there is a contradiction that is taking place . This so called product that they speak off, well it’s internet income university.

The Bad :

The reason why I think so low of this product is well because it’s not that good ! I mean there wasn’t much to like about it. You are barely told how to get things started and that lack of guidance is just a nightmare for any beginner. Here’s a bit of advise ; you can usually tell how effective a product will be based on if it’s trying to offer help or like how i previously said, just trying to provide with sales pitch after sales pitch.

If you come across a product that is trying to persuaded you with dollar sign numbers instead of facts and proven methods then well you might as well just do a U- turn for the time being !

Just because you purchase the up-sells does not guaranteed that you are going to make money or even be successful. One more remark by my part. The two owners as much as i can see have shut off this product and made another called skillpay that I will be reviewing shortly to see if it’s the same as this garbage.

What Now ?

As you can ultimately see this product if for no one ! Well unless you like to add to the collection of scams across the web. Learning affiliate marketing shouldn’t be so complicated and expensive for that matter. I suggest you give a read to my number one recommendation as it as help a lot of people start their own online business. You will be able to take part in a community that is there to just help others on their path to success.

My Number One Recommendation


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  1. hi Yunier
    this sure sound like a big scam! Especially if they seem to have almost disappeared off the map. I have seen programs like this before. There is a thousand videos to watch, all sale pitches telling you how rich you will be. But yet every time, you are left wondering how the hell that will happen….if their recipe for making money is a mystery then it’s probably a sign to walk away…

    • Hey there Emily,

      It’s true they trying to hide the fact that is a scam by making you view so many videos of pointless information. It’s just one big sales pitch with many up-sells.

  2. Hey Yunier,

    Thanks for the review. i was look at this place for awhiile. Your post helped push me over to the no side of fence. Is there a place you would recomend.



  3. Thank you for your review, I was on that side of the fence until I found Thank you for being on the forefront of the battle.

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