Is Laptop Millionaire A Scam ?

is laptop millionaire a scam ?Hello folks, I’m here today to reveal is laptop millionaire a scam. If you don’t know yet, laptop millionaire is a book written by Mark Anastasi. This book was written with the intent to being a guide covering the facets that are required to making money online.

This book covered a lot of ideas and strategies I already knew but was able to generate some new tactics on making money online.


Who Is Mark Anastasi ?

Mark was basically a guy that didn’t want to work that 9 – 5 sift for the big man, probably like most of us. Actually back in 2004 mark was an unemployed security guard and was $12,000 in debt. He was broke, had no job, and no where to live. It was a pretty amazing story that you should familiarize yourself with.

There are many ways to make money online and to my surprise mark actually covered 32 topics in this book quite clearly too. Some ideas I already knew but he does give a different perspective to making money online that is his own unique take for the most part.

Here are the 32 topics outlined:

  1. Commenting on blogs, forums, Amazon, questions sites, Facebook Pages, YouTube videos
  2. Twitter, the Twitter JV strategy, and the Twitter Direct Reply strategy
  3. Selling tweets and retweets!
  4. Pay-Per-Post (Blog hijacking strategy, or selling blog posts)
  5. YouTube! (Uploading videos to YouTube, YouTube video hijacking, YouTube advertising)
  6. Giving away viral ebooks that include affiliate links
  7. Selling ebooks on Clickbank
  8. Selling PLR products
  9. Licensing products, bundling them, and selling them!
  10. List building and email marketing!
  11. Solo Ads, Adswaps, and Joint Ventures
  12. Selling gigs on, Buying gigs on, and Fiverr Gig Arbitrage!
  13. Buying & selling web businesses on
  14. Webinars, webinar replays, and joint venture webinars
  15. S.E.O (get your sites ranked on the search engines, and get free search traffic)
  16. Review sites
  17. Blogging
  18. Selling online advertising
  19. Selling Leads! Also: CPA marketing
  20. Local Business Marketing
  21. Buying expired domains that still get traffic!
  22. Outsourcing! hiring outsourcers in the Philippines
  23. E-commerce sites (e.g., bike gear on, etc.)
  24. Membership sites
  25. Facebook Pages (getting thousands of ‘likes’)
  26. Article marketing (e.g.
  27. Selling product s on eBay
  28. Selling deals on Groupon & upselling other services! (also: LivingSocial, etc.)
  29. Selling on the Amazon Kindle platform!
  30. Web TV shows & uploading content to iTunes!
  31. Pay-per-click advertising (Facebook Ads, Google Ads)
  32. Media buying

How Mark Made His Money

To be honest, mark went a very unconventional way as he pretty much got a lot of people to write his content for him. He actually goes to say that one year he only contributed 2 hours the whole year which is pretty crazy. He covers come pretty cool ways to make money online and this would be a good read for anyone interested.

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