Is Market America A Scam ? Be Extremely Careful !

Hello folks, I’m back for another review ! Today I will reveal is market America a scam or a legit opportunity that you can benefit from. Before I even continue forward, yes market America is a scam and here you will find out why. But let’s see what market America is before I go any further.

is market america a scam

What Is Market America ?

This is a company that was founded back in 1992 by JR and Loren Ridinger. This is not going to be a 2000 word review because this company doesn’t really deserve that much time to be spent on them. Am I being harsh ? Maybe, that still doesn’t even come close with what market America is doing.

Talk about brainwashing people in believing this type of MLM actually works. It’s actually funny because they claim its not even a MLM company.

The reason for this review is actually quite simple, its rare to find anyone that has made any real money with market America. As a matter of fact the only people that have made anything have been with this company for years. Google is very smart and here’s a reason that its actually a bit amusing to me. Try typing market America on Google the suggestions that come out will be “market America scam” Isn’t that weird ? This product actually reminds me of amway a lot.

This is usually a good way of telling if a product/ program is legit or not. If you start seeing so many negative comments then guess what, the product/ program is probably not worth your time but lets continue. They offer a real bad commission plan that is not even worth sharing! Just know it will take about $299 to just get started, that’s plain ridiculous. I could buy a whole year membership for wealthy affiliate for that price. You are basically paying for some BS training on how to sell their products for some garbage commission . In my eyes, that is a scam and don’t tell me that it isn’t because you make money. Some people make money but usually by lying to others about the actual company and feeding constant lies.

Tell me do you actually own a website once you join market America ? The answer is no which just means they can just decide to let you go and what now ? What do you have for yourself, pretty much nothing to show. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this company. If you wondering why I didn’t even go into the compensation plan is quite simple to explain.

A pyramid structure only the top people get paid which means about 2% of everyone that signs up actually make a decent income. Trust me is probably not you, this isn’t to doubt your sales ability but is just facts people don’t usually succeed. Do you want to be the one that fails and is backlashed for promoting this scam of a company to your friends and family ? I bet not!

My Verdict

Sorry friends, this isn’t the legit opportunity for making some side money. A much better way to making money is to build your own online business. This is for free so don’t even think about it twice as unlike market America you wont be charged a ridiculous $299.

Leave your rational comments as I don’t want to be spammed with unethical responses. I look forward to hearing from you soon.




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