Is Motor Club America A Scam ?

Here’s another program that has everyone skeptical and to answer the question is motor club America a scam the answer is a definite yes ! This will be a short review as this is a very vague business opportunity that you should run away from !

So let’s begin..

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This is a business opportunity that makes some pretty lofty claims that seem out of sort to say the least. First off, they show you sales video by showing a guy in a mansion and pretty expensive cars that if I were to guess I’d say that they were rented. There is nothing good here but let me provide the claims they make.

  • Earn 200% commissions ( really believable ? not quite lol )
  • Turn $40 into $80 in 10 minutes (again…. )
  • That you will become a millionaire
  • That even a 9 year old can do it ( yeah right , they mean get scammed probably )

Here is something things that you need to know. A company or program cant guarantee that you will make “x” amount of money without having data to back that up. Meaning there needs to be some results to back this up if not they are breaking a major rule.

They are breaking the FTC guidelines for promoting an business opportunity.  You do not and I repeat DO NOT make 200 % commission. It’s more like 23% . You bring a person for 17 months for $339 if you do the math that’s about 23 % and if they leave before the 17th month motor club of America takes a cut from your commission.

On top of this they don’t even have a website with their brand on it . Something that everyone will tell you is not professional or business like at all. The only real websites that you will find about motor club of America are promoters that created them.

You tell me does this seem legit or a big scam ?

Avoid This Scam

To keep it short you are basically throw a whole lot of low cost insurance that are complete crap to try to make it seem like the people you offer this to are getting a heck of a deal.

On top of the bad products and services they offer there is a pyramid scheme to all this that you should definitely be aware of.

they throw in a pyramid scheme compensation plan to complete the scam off totally. Earn $6.00 for every 2nd generation referral. Take a look at what a pyramid scheme is .

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