Is Opinion Outpost Legit Or A Scam? Here’s My Opinion Outpost Review

Today I’m taking some time to give you my outpost review and dig down to see if, is opinion outpost legit or a scam. This is a question that I seen many people ask before and I figured it was time to answer it with a proper review.

Product: Opinion Outpost

Price: Free To Join

My Review: It Is Legit

What Is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost like many others, It’s a survey company that pays you for completing surveys on a daily basis. Just because a survey company is legit does not mean they are something I would recommend, I’ll explain that later. Also, be aware that any survey company is going to have a good amount of complaints by the users as I don’t feel like any survey company is perfect.

I’ve reviewed a lot of survey companies in the past and I’ll continue to do so to as I enjoy digging deep into a company and finding out how good of a product or website it actually has. Some survey companies don’t even pay their customers and they’ll get away with it.

I’d like to say that this isn’t the case for opinion outpost but the truth is that you will be hard pressed to find someone that makes a full time income from completing surveys. In my opinion, you will find it more beneficial to build your own online business. Don’t know how to do that ? Take a look at my number one recommendation over all the reviews I’ve done.

If you break it down, you are essentially making half of that of minimum wage ? I like living by a quote, ” time is expensive” learn to spend your time on a quality standard and you will receive twice as much as you put in. Most surveys will take you about 30 minutes on average to complete and that’s even if you qualify for them as that really isn’t a guarantee.

How Does Opinion Outpost Work?

Opinion outpost pays it’s members when completing surveys by rewarding them with cash or in many cases rewards points. If you are aware that you will just make a couple of bucks for your hard work and you are okay with it then opinion outpost might just be for you.

How Much Time Will You Need To Dedicate To Opinion Outpost?

Most surveys do take an average of  minutes but they run from  to minutes usually. If you break it down I feel that’s way too much time spend just for a survey an hour. Your time will be much better spent if you were to work on your own personal online business.

Think about it, once you get your rewards points or minimal cash for your surveys what do you have to take from it ? Nothing really, if you want to build an online business I suggest you take a read at a guide to making money online that I wrote.

Is An Online Business Right For You?

Imagine this, you are going to be making full time income in a day with an online business. Sounds nice doesn’t it ? The truth is that this will not happen! I wanted to clear the wave on this because people think you will be rich overnight and this isn’t the case at all!

If you are willing to put in the hard work then I have no doubt that you could reach full time income down the line but right away, it’s not possible unless you have a huge list of emails. With that being said if you are still interested in making money online through your very own online business then I strongly recommend you take a look at wealthy affiliate.




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yunier gonzalez

Hello everyone and welcome my name is Yunier Gonzalez as you might know. I help out people on the internet avoids scams and more importantly build their own online business. Remember sharing is caring so feel free to share my content with your friends :)


  1. I love the interesting header and the social icons you have added. How did you get the social icons on your site? That is something that I have yet to figure out is it a plugin?

    I like how you have linked to other areas of your site. It keeps readers on there longer and engaged into you overall subject of making money online.

  2. Hey Yunier. I think you’re absolutely right about survey’s not being the smartest way to make money online. I signed up with a couple of companies a year or two back, started getting the emails through and never completed a single survey. The money on offer was just ridiculous. Even more so when you consider how much these guys get paid by their clients. There are much more profitable ways to make money, where you don’t need to work a ton and get paid peanuts.

    • Haha! You are absolutely right ! It’s really too much hours work for too little money as far as I’m concerned. I try to show my visitors the best possible ways to make money online and survey websites tend to be at the bottom of my list.

  3. Very clear review and straight to the point. Your message came across honest and very open. What I don’t like about these surveys are, you have to be continually doing them to get a little change.
    But with your own online business that you describe, you can get paid over and over again, for the job you did once. I will take your own one business anyday. Thank you for sharing this honest review.

    • Hey David,

      I do agree that survey websites takes too much work to make any real money. While opinion outpost is actually legit and a good survey website, it just not a realistic way to make passive income while an online business can give you a much better alternative.

  4. Hello there,

    Great post, before i was participated in one of surveys programs on the internet i can say it’s completely not worth your effort and time and at the end you will get some pennies, to get a full time income you have to start learning how online business works as knowledge is power which will leads you to achieve your financial freedom, Good review, keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Yunier,

    I really enjoyed reading the “about Ynier” page and about your story. It helps the reader to connect to you.

    The Opinion outpost was an interesting article to read. I haven’t heard of it before. I like the reviews that you do and the “getting started” page. It is perfect for someone who is just starting out!

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