Is A Scam?

Today I’m going to be reviewing a website that has been around for a while but there is still people asking questions like “is a scam?”. My goal today is to shed some light on this website and help you dictate if this is a website that will be worth your time.

What Is ?

Points 2 shop works very similar to swagbucks , but its really a platform for advertisers to leverage their programs or services. Like any other survey website you will be asked to fill out your personal information and complete your share of surveys.

The pay scale ratio that points 2 shop uses is basically for each 100 points you gain a dollar .

It is said that you will be compensated for the points you accumulate but this tends to be false for some. I’ll explain shortly why to me this website is a scam and not some legit online opportunity that I would recommend. If you are not comfortable revealing your personal information or even displaying your credit card information this is where you will be strongly disappointed.

What I Do Like

As far as what I liked about points 2 shops was the fact that earning points were relatively easy to achieve but that’s about the only good thing that I actually found. You will rack up points rather quickly reaching those 1000 points but now let me get into what I didn’t like.

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What I Didn’t Like

I understand that surveys required to give out your information but it comes a point when TOO much information is required. Its fine for you to give out your basic information but once surveys start asking for your social security number, that’s when I draw the line. This information is just to see if you qualify !

Let’s say you go forward with these surveys and you start accumulating points right ? Don’t get your hopes up as points 2 shops is notorious for putting your account on hold once you start racking up some points. Once this happens you will need to send in a complaint ticket which will take a good 3 days to receive an adequate response.

I’ve read of people that even need to send them their license for verification ! I feel that there are too many obstacles that take away from any positive experience that points 2 shop is trying to deliver.

So basically, if you hope to find any type of success with points 2 shops then you better be prepared on revealing all your personal information from phone number, email address , where you live, and like I previously mentioned your social security.

My Verdict

Let me ask you a quick question , based on what you have read is this a website you would trust or place your effort in hopes of achieving a couple dollars ?

This is not a website or service I would ever recommend as it reads scam to me . You have people wasting their time in hopes of discovering the magical path to online riches. At the end of the day if you need to reveal your personal information on a repetitive basis for a couple dollars then that should scream STOP!

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