Is Sensa A Scam ?

is sensa a scam ?Before I answer the question is sensa a scam, I’d like to say that even against popular belief sensa is not a diet. It’s a product that you sprinkle on top of your food which in change promises to deliver you results. Sensa was actually fine a hefty $26.5 million back in 2014 January for some very misguided claims on their website. They were claiming that they could cure cancer and similar diseases like that.

A lot of people were scammed in the sense that they were buying this product on this information but were dissatisfied to find out that this were all a big marketing false strategy that has backfired. The $26.5 million is now being used for everyone that asked for a refund and this will continue to on until all customers get their money back.

What Is Sensa ?

Sensa is a type of food flake that comes in many different type of flavors like cheddar cheese, onion, horseradish, ranch dressing, taco, and Parmesan cheese. Sweet flavors are cocoa, spearmint, banana strawberry, raspberry, and malt. It should be noted that this product is calorie-free, sugar-free, and sodium-free.

There is a lot of conflict if sense works or if it doesn’t. The FTC has criticized the sense makers on the research they have provided.

Sensa wont comment on this and you probably know why.

How This Product Is Suppose To Work ?

Believe it or not sensa wasn’t the first one to invent a product along the lines of tricking your body into feeling fuller when it actually wont but the popular belief is that sensa is the best.

The ingredients are actually quite simple if it’s actually true what they put in the label but lets assume they are correct and not misguiding you.

  • Maltodextrin: This carbohydrates purpose is to full you up quicker than you normally would.
  • Soy: This ingredient is used for giving the flavors a taste boost.
  • Tricalcium Phosphate: This is a type of calcium but I never seen anything that suggest that calcium can assist you in losing weight.
  • Silica: This is what creates the crystals.
  • Artificial Flavoring: This a natural flavors the gives to the crystal or what is promised.

It is sold for $235 for a 6 month supply but is it worth it?

Would I Recommend This Product ?

I don’t usually do reviews on health products as this website focuses on making money online by blogging usually but I made an exception this time. To answer the question , no I wouldn’t recommend this product simply because there is too much in the air and if FTC fined sensa then again what does that tell you.

There aren’t that many before and after picture results from this product which just raises my doubts. There has even been some negative side effects from people stating that they have suffered some severe stomach pains.

By the way they also been under investigation since around October of 2014 just thought you’d be aware.

At the end of the day there are too many negatives about this product to even come close to remotely trusting it. Have you had some experience with sensa ? Please share it and I will respond as quickly as possible, thank you.




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  1. you know…I have always thought that product was just too ‘weird’ and how about the one that you would ‘smell’ or ‘sniff’ their product and it was supposed to make you not want to eat those foods you love?! (forgot what it was called) did you ever hear of that one? another ‘weird’ one.

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