Is Legit Or A Scam ?

I recently came across this website and I got to thinking Is Legit Or A Scam ? There is a quick answer to this and that’s a no and yes ! First, let’s take a look at what is all about. Remember just because a program isn’t a scam doesn’t mean I would recommend it.

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What Is ?

This is basically a program that connects you to other websites where you will be “SUPPOSIVELY” paid to take these surveys. I quickly found this wasn’t the case but either way let’s continue with this review.

If you aren’t sure how making money with surveys works, I will explain it quickly. You usually sign up for a website like for instance, you then pay a sign up fee, after this you will be emailed surveys to take, and then you earn the money.

Pretty simple, right ? Let’s get into this and discover why I don’t recommend it.

What I liked about

The one thing I did like was the fact that it was free to sign up but after that it all goes downhill for me. Be aware that you do need to provide your personal information for these type of surveys and eventually your email will be a spam target !

Once you sign up you will be given surveys to complete from time to time that will sometimes make you money. Here’s where the good stops.

What I Don’t like ?

Okay everyone, I want to clear things up from my experience. Doing surveys will only bring in cents compared to dollars. You might think it’s worth it but let me ask you, is it worth putting in hours of work for the sake of a couple of dollars ? I mean think about it ! You will be earning way less than what the minimum wage is . Does this honestly sound like something you will be interested in?

Think of it from a business side for a second, why would these websites pay you top dollars for filling out surveys ? It doesn’t seem like it would be very beneficial for them. The reason these websites become popular is simply because the average person will think this is an awesome way to bring in some extra income.

Look at how they conduct business on the internet for a second, they are desperately trying to get people to sign up at any cost which also means lying to you.

I don’t like the fact that you have to sign up to so many different websites because one website wont provide enough surveys to even make any decent money. The reason I say this is a no/yes scam is simply the fact that sometimes the system fails and you don’t get paid for the surveys you complete which can be very frustrating. also, add the fact that you are wasting your time.

My Verdict

I don’t recommend this program to anyone as I feel it’s a waste of time. Too little money to be made and too much time is required. I understand that when there is easy money to be made people tend to act on impulse and then regret their actions. I will think twice about joining a program like this and exerting my time .

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  1. I have seen a few survey sites myself. They are attractive enough in the sense that they tell you it is so simple, and all you have to do is sign up and complete surverys. Then your e-mail gets blasted with thousands of spam mails every month. It is annoying. Nicely done.

    • That’s why I will never do surveys ever again. They seem to be a waste of time but I suppose everyone has a different opinion.

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