Is Traffic Brokers A Scam? It’s Not 2012 Anymore

Hello everyone, today I’m taking some time to give you my traffic brokers review. By the end of this review you will get your answer to the question, is traffic brokers a scam. With that being said lets begin.

Product: Traffic Brokers

Owner: Jeff Walker

Price: $49.99 monthly

Review: I don’t recommend

What Is Traffic Brokers?

Basically, traffic brokers is a money making system (so they claim) run by Jeff Walker which claims to have you earning extra income on a monthly basis. This system is unlike many other programs I must say as you are paid in regards to how much traffic you generate in comparison to other programs that you are paid based on how many sales you can achieve. You just need to gain targeted traffic that’s the name of this game. They are basically paying you for leads meaning you do all the hard work for their benefit besides the $50 monthly charge.

The Good

Let me be clear if this was 2012 maybe this program would be “okay” but sorry guys its 2015 and if you trying to earn money online traffic brokers is actually a waste of time and money if you ask me. You are honestly paying to gain access to their website ? How bizarre is that lol Besides the fact that there is not that much value as all they truly have is a forum that’s very outdated.

The Bad

  • Horrible sales pitch
  • Try convincing you by flaunting money figures in your face
  • Paying for a forum? There are many free forums online
  • Pay $4.95 for your website ? This should be included for that monthly free
  • You are getting $2000 worth in stuff is complete BS

Something else that I found out when doing my research of this product is that some people sign up for a trial run right, which is 7 days. If you by any chance don’t cancel this you might get a charge of over $300. At the very least I would think twice before committing to product like this.

There isn’t much to say about this program honestly.. It’s just a very high priced product that I would run the other way if I could. There is no way I would pay $50 monthly at all ! I mean I pay less for my membership within wealthy affiliate (I’m laughing right now give me a second guys)

Is Traffic Brokers A Scam ?

In all reality I came out with the conclusion that traffic brokers isn’t a scam but it’s definitely not a product I would pay $50 monthly though, a $10 one time payment might be as far as I’m willing to go.

Will You Making Money Online ?

I’m back from laughing guys ! If we were talking about 2013 ( before Googles big update) you could have easily ranked for a certain keyword by just having it on the title of your URL name. This made it very easy to gain an online business during this tenure but that’s not the case anymore.

My Verdict

Do I feel traffic brokers is beneficial for you ? A little but there are many other programs that are greatly better and at the minimum half that price. Members have made money in the past so this is the proof that they do pay their members but I’m sorry its just not something I would recommend investing in.

Just for example, my number one recommendation is free to join and it actually covers WAY more than traffic brokers. If you want to build an online business the right way click here.



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