Is Traffic Monsoon A Scam? No But Do You Want Cents Or Dollars

Hey there ! Today I’m taking some time to give you my honest traffic monsoon review. I seen many people online ask the question, is traffic monsoon a scam? This review was done to provide you with the required details to see if this traffic monsoon website something that you should register for.

What Is Traffic Monsoon ?

In a nutshell, traffic monsoon is a PTC + traffic exchange + revenue sharing website. In the world of PTC traffic monsoon tends to be one of the higher paying websites. This website was launched back in november of 2014 by Charles Scoville.

This website is free to join but there are packaged services that you could buy if interested. As a free member you could make money by doing simple task that appear on your dashboard. These task care called cash link which you can click on for as often as they appear and usually they are couple seconds a video that you would watch. For every cash link you click and watch you will get paid $.01 – $.02.

The cash links you will see are like that of the picture above as you just click claim and you will watch the video resulting in getting credit for that task. As long as you have cash links on your screen you will be able to earn money (cents)

Revenue Sharing 

This option to making money will require you to invest money onto this program. You would need to buy “the adpack” which will cost you $50 but comes with 1000 ad credits and 20 guaranteed banner clicks. The reality is that you can buy the same amount of credits within traffic monsoon for about $39.95 cheaper, so whats the difference ?

This is what makes this program different from others in the past, once you purchase this adpack a sharing option will become available in your account. Once you access this option you will earning revenue hourly till you reach the lump sum of $55 so you are essentially getting free advertisement and gaining a $5 profit. It will take 55 days to reach this amount as you’ll earn about $1 a day.

If you have money to investment you could buy more than one adpack, let me explain . Lets say you were to buy 5 adpacks right ? That would cost you $250 but you will make $25 in profits. The only thing i would worry about is how reputable mr. charles is that he hasn’t had the best of business models in the past as one of his older programs in the past is under debt and resulted in not paying some owed amount. It seems he is trying to clear his name but is it something i would put money in ? NOPE.

100% Referral Commission 

Now remember in the beginning, the cash links that was the free members option? Okay, if you gain any referrals under you then you will gain 100% referral commission but let me explain how this works.

You normal would click on the cash link and get $.01 right ? so if you have a referral and they click on the same cash link then you will also earn an extra $.01 for having that referral under you click on that cash link. The more referrals the better obviously but there is a requirement and that is that you have surf through at least 10 exchange ads.

My Verdict: Do You Want To Make Cents Or Dollars ?

Now this is where I talk about what are you trying to accomplish with traffic monsoon. Are you looking to make a couple of cents ? Then I would say go ahead and try it for free but if you want a legitimate way of making money from home I suggest you take a look at my number one recommendation.

Is traffic monsoon a scam ? As far as I can tell no, they are paying their members but this website is also run by a guy that has had some bad business ethics in the past. Who knows if he’s just using this website to pay off his previous debt and then he’s off doing the same thing as before.

Once you damage your online reputation then it’s very hard to restore your value. As far as i’m concern I’m not investing a dollar into this program maybe when Mr.Charles proves himself a little more.

I hope you found this review useful and leads you down the path of achieving financial freedom like many others. till next time everyone please leave any feedback or questions you may have.


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yunier gonzalez

Hello everyone and welcome my name is Yunier Gonzalez as you might know. I help out people on the internet avoids scams and more importantly build their own online business. Remember sharing is caring so feel free to share my content with your friends :)


  1. Hey Yunier, honestly would rather earn dollars than cents, but I have learned something new today, through your review on traffic monsoon. It sounds like in order to make money you need to spend $40, $50, and even $250 to make a small cut.

    However, it doesn’t sound all that interesting to me. Your review will definitely help those who are looking into traffic monsoon, to better decide if it’s right for them. Sounds like your number one recommendation is a better deal for me.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to inform us all, I am going to check out your number one now. 🙂

    • Hello Jennifer, traffic monsoon is nothing special at all ! Hopefully this review helps visitors make a sound decision if traffic monsoon is right for you. I totally would steer everyone to my number one recommendation as it’s really helpful for anyone from beginner to advance.

  2. Hi Yunier,

    I am not a fan of paid to click sites, I feel you are wasting your time, just earning cents. The revenue sharing is perhaps the best way to earn money with this program, although even with that you have to wait 55 days.
    When the owner, Charles Scoville, has a bad online reputation it makes me even more skeptical. I have also read comments from people having problems getting paid by this scheme.
    So all in all, I agree with your advice, don’t invest in this program.
    Thanks for this review and for pointing out the problems with Traffic Monsoon.

    • Hello peter! Like you I never really been too optimistic on revenue sharing specially when it takes your investment and if the website owner doesn’t have a good reputation, is it a risk that you are willing to take on ? I sure wouldn’t .

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