Is Vector Marketing A Scam? The Truth Comes Out In This Vector Marketing Review

I’d like to take some time today to provide with my vector marketing review and finally answer the question that so many people around the internet seem to be asking, is vector marketing a scam? The quick answer to this is no they aren’t a scam but they aren’t a company I would recommend fully without giving you some precautions to consider.

What Is Vector Marketing?

Vector marketing actually was founded back in the 1940s as another name, Alcas corporation. They started selling the famous Cutco products in the beginning of 1981 as an independent distributor but then was bought by Alcas shortly after in 1985. Vector marketing started off on united states primarily but then expanded into Canada by 1990.

Cutco is a very well known and reputable high quality kitchen cutlery and accessories. Vector Marketing is a direct sales company that sells these Cutco products and bring in over $200 million every year. They belong to the direct sales association, is responsible for providing the highest optimal level of standard when it comes to selling products with integrity

The Sales Aspect Of Things

Before I speak on this and before you even think about joining this company I suggest you read all the info on their website that they provide. Realize that you are not getting paid by hours ! You are required to bring in the customers, set appointments, and most of all try to convert these meetings into paying customers.

You will be setting appointments with most likely the people you know like family and friends ( this is encouraged). You will be giving presentations to these customers but know that you will be asked to phone each one of these people attempting to get them to agree to an appointment. This will be good practice as it helps to get practice with people you know to remove the nerves right off the bat.

After you done this then the process of branching out begins as the people you already have completed a meeting with can recommend you to other people they know and it just keeps moving like that.

The thing that I hate is the actual calling up people side of things, let me explain. It honestly takes guts to pick up that phone and contact potential customers. You have to be open minded about that you wont always reach them and when you do that doesn’t mean that they are able to talk at the moment.

Let’s say you do reach them and set an appointment there is still that possibility that they wont make it to the meeting and believe me this is very frustrating. Let’s say you do get a meeting with someone and you give your presentation, you wont always turn these people into potential customers. In reality, most sales rep don’t even turn 50% of these appointments into paying customers.

They Do Train You

You should be aware that yes they do train you but like I said you don’t get paid by hours so just know that your training isn’t paid to you. What works against most MLM business opportunities is that their products are completely horrible and provide no real value to the potential customers.

There are no real competition for Cutco as far as Cutlery brands are concern. If you actually reach out to customers that have used Cutco in the past you will see the satisfaction that Cutco delivers. Many customers claim that they have used Cutco for over 20 years.  The best part of Cutco is the fact that you will be promoting a real quality product that you most likely will use in the near future one way or another.

You will be trained how to execute your presentations and after a couple of appointments you should feel very comfortable.

Once you do get a customer to fill out an order the company factory which is in Olean, New York will ship these products. The Vector Marketing representatives or in this case, you will not be responsible to delivering the products to the customers.

The Customer Referrals  

At the end of every presentation you will ask for referrals from the people you are meeting with. Even though you will be giving presentations to family and friends at first it is expected that you will expand to people that are going to be referred to you that you most likely never seen in your life.

This can be a concern for many people as they are just shy or timid but if you can be comfortable with this step then I don’t see why you shouldn’t see any success.

My Verdict On Vector Marketing

While there is a major confusion going on whether vector marketing is really a scam or not. The point of this review was to provide all the necessary information for you to make an appropriate decision. As far as I’m concern no Vector marketing isn’t a scam at all but there is an over hype around this company that has many people believing they can all achieve full time income through them.

This is not true, not everyone succeeds in direct sales in reality the people that succeed is probably less than 30% at the minimum. If you feel you have what it takes to thrive and stand out in the world of direct sales then go for it.

In the other hand, this type of business opportunity might not be for everyone and that’s totally understandable. Direct sales isn’t for me either ! I don’t like it all but what I do like is building online businesses on the internet. Want to learn how I accomplish this ? Go take a look at my number one recommendation as it will explain everything you need to know.

If you have any experience or just want to share your thoughts on vector marketing, leave your comments below.




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  1. Hmm the moment I hear MLM in an article I turn straight off – glorified pyramid schemes and referrals based earnings. You are right to mention the quality of the products – never up to standard with these kind of companies.
    At the end of the day I’d much rather tackle some plain, legit internet marketing – much more rewarding.
    Great article,

    • Hey Chris,

      I’m not into MLM business opportunity either ! MLM companies get you to pay some huge fees up front and then in most times making you pay a monthly membership. It’s just Not my cup of tea.

  2. Hey Yunier
    Thanks for a great review. More than enough info to move forward with.

    I personally couldn’t see true success in this, at least not on a local scale… It would be tedious work to say the least.

    I think the only way to go about Vector Marketing and the cutlery game if it was really someones passion…Would be to surround yourself in the specific Niche and market it globally via your own website to drive a big enough audience for it to really pay off.
    What’s your take?

    • Hello Marc,

      First and foremost thank you for your comment 🙂 I have to agree with you, direct sales is too tedious and most people fail to succeed. In my opinion, the people that make it work are the ones that have a passion for this type of niche , are hard workers, have a basic understanding of MLM , and are willing to put in the time.

      At the end, I feel you will be more successful by recommending different cutlery from all over the internet. Think about it if you were to just do product reviews based on cutlery products, the amount off traffic you will gain will have you much better off than calling up people to give them presentations. Most importantly, you wont have to drag your family and friends into this.

  3. I have had a bunch of people I know get involved with Vector Marketing and I do understand what you mean by the fact that it really is not for everyone.

    You have definitely hit the nail on the head when you mention that you have to work at it to procure and make appointments and convert those appts to sales. Definitely hard work and effort to get those sales for commissions.

    After reading your review, I think they seem pretty legit too.

  4. Thanks for this honest review. I’d find a system like this very hard to take part with. Like you, I hate calling people and asking them to join something. If those people were family or friends, this would be even harder as I’d be scared they’d have a bad experience and blame me. Does this system have a high success rate?

    • I definitely agree with you as I’m not a fan of mlm at all. There is no mlm that has high success rate trust me I checked lo

  5. Yeah you are right it does take guts to call people (that’s why it’s called cold calling) and that’s after you have found them. (prospecting). Then to get them to commit to an appointment (Take a look at your offer) and then presenting the offer (The offer presentation) and then trying to close the sale(getting Paid).

    If you are good you make a fortune if not, you live very poorly or quit.

    Sounds a bit like affiliate marketing without all the hard bits. Prospecting. (getting traffic) Presenting the offer (Affiliate links) and closing the sale (getting paid)

    Thanks for the overview, make me realize that of the two, affiliate marketing is the business to be in. 🙂

    • Hey peter,

      I couldn’t agree more with your comment and yeah in a way affiliate marketing is very similar but to me there is one huge difference.. you get to choose the products or service you wish to promote and also you are not recruiting anything, you are just genuinely trying to help out.

  6. Oh you bring back a summer of interesting memories, Yunier. After the recession, my husband and I both lost work and I sold Cutco through Vector Marketing until I could find another job. I even made it up the ranks as an Associate Manager, helping to train new recruits. There ARE some good things about Vector, the training is good and the communications and group involvement is great for young people. But after awhile, I realized that it was a job that I didn’t enjoy. Yes I had to call strangers and would dread doing so to people I could tell were uncomfortable with me. But it’s nice to have my completely set of Cutco knives in my kitchen that I know are guaranteed forever and I’ll never have to buy another knife. If someone is looking for a future in sales and works great in communication with strangers, then I think they would do excellent. But it’s not for everyone.

    • Hey there sarah,

      It looks like you had a more so positive experience and I totally agree that cutco is top of the line knife collection. As far as the business opportunity is concern I really feel that it takes someone with an extreme drive , dedication , and some knowledge of network marketing to succeed. It’s just not for everyone as most people don’t enjoy direct selling (like myself) but as far as MLM companies is concern what they offer to get started isn’t that bad at all.

  7. Is Vector Marketing a Scam? Well as far as MLM’s go no as you mentioned they have been around in one form or another since the 40’s.

    I think that is around the same time that Amway was coming up. I don’t know exactly though even though I spent 2 years with Amway.

    I agree with you on the sales aspect of things. People some times don’t take into account that this training thats provided is at your cost and time.

    You know its all the same with these MLM companies as they all require you to bring in referrals and usually it is only your friends and family. Kudos to you for bring this to our attention because as you say not everyone is cut out to be in direct sales. Online is the place for me.

    I read your number one recommendation is there any direct sales there at Wealthy Affiliate?


    • Hey Markus,

      Thank you for taking the time out to leave your comment first and foremost. Amways is a MLM company that actually has good products as well in my opinion. Not everyone is cut out for the direct sales aspect of this type of business and to be honest, it’s not cup of tea.

      As far as my number one recommendation, wealthy affiliate isn’t any direct sales.. it’s basically products, programs , and services promotion through affiliate links.

      How I go about it is simple, I review products and if I recommend the product at the end of my article i will place an affiliate link and if you are set on buying the product then you will click on there that will redirect you to the product and if you buy something I will get paid a commission percentage.

      I like affiliate marketing a whole lot more than MLM.

  8. Hey Yunier!

    I’ve never heard of Vector Marketing, and I was born in 1981 too, lol.

    I have actually tried Network Marketing myself, and found it far too much hassle with chasing people up for appointments, showing presentations, inviting them to business opportunities, following up and asking for referrals. It can be rewarding, but too much hard work is involved to earn money from it.

    But it is a fantastic business model for people who enjoy these kinds of challenges.

    Vector Marketing does sound like a great way to make a full time income, but only if people are willing to keep working hard each day, just like affiliate marketing and ANYTHING else in life.

    Thanks for the review!


    • Hey Neil,

      Vector marketing is pretty old man ! haha network marketing in the end is always a harder sell specially since it’s convincing people right on the spot and honestly not many people have those type of skills to persuade a group of people or even just convince one person.

      I do believe it’s something that you need to practice each day to get very efficient at.

  9. Hi Yunier:

    Thank you for your write-up about Vector Marketing. I never liked the idea of MLM (Multi-level marketing) because so many of them are pyramid schemes in disguise. I agree that that perhaps Vector Marketing maybe legit, there are probably only a very small percentage of people who actually make money from direct selling like that. I agree Cutco knifes are great cutlery but I would not get involved with an MLM just to acquire some.

    Thank you for sharing the history behind the company and how the name changed from Alcas Corporation. When they get new referrals how transparent are they in showing you the proved track record of success?

    • Hey stephanie, I agree that MLM isn’t for everyone it really does take the right individual to succeed in this type of marketing. Vector is one of the most see through MLM that i’ve reviewed for the simple reason that they know they have a quality product that has it’s demand and well, they don’t need to being doing anything unethical because the product will truly sell by itself.

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