Is Vemma A Scam Or A Real Business Opportunity ?

Hello folks, have you been offered a vemma business opportunity well hold your horses! Let me dive in to this review and discover is vemma a scam or something that’s actually worthwhile. Before we get into the business opportunity that this company presents, lets take a look at what vemma actually is and answer the question is vemma a scam.

is vemma a scam ?

What Is Vemma?

The main product that is presented and well known is the vemma verge energy drink that has received some popular attention. This has led to many entrepreneurs and business people to jump on this opportunity without much of a conscious on what they are being told.

You have to realize that Vemma like any other MLM business model, only 9 out of 10 people will ever make money with them. If you can reach out to people through your social medias (you probably need to have a lot of friends and a pretty big following) then you might become successful. Also, the reason I will never join a MLM company is for one simple fact, the first thing they ever tell you is to reach out to your family and friends even if you know the product is of low quality.

But you shouldnt confused it as a pyramid scheme but MLM companies do have a similar structure to a pyramid scheme but this isn’t a scam, keep reading to be informed.

I don’t trade my integrity for some money..

Is Vemma A Scam ?

Before you even think about joining this product or even turn to accusing it a scam, you need to know a MLM business opportunity is and then make your assumption. To be clear, no vemma is not a scam but it’s quite often confused for a scam because people think they will automatically earn money and that’s a big no. If you cant recruit you wont make money.

Most if not all of the vemma complaints are based on the fact that they were misguided by recruiters or the reps that went to speak to them. I do agree, that these employees should be terminated as it is looking bad on vemma but the sheer fact is that you cant call vemma a scam simply because they are actually providing you a legit opportunity plus a decent product to leverage.

Do I Recommend it ?

It depends on what you are actually looking for, if you are looking for quick cash or a get out of your job quick solution then vemma or any other MLM company isn’t for you. This is an opportunity for someone that will put in the work everyday to market themselves and this product, putting in front of everyone that they have no choice but to buy in.

People confused a pyramid scheme(scam) with MLM a lot and this is mainly why it has gotten such a bad rep to the naked eye. I do feel there are better ways to make money on marketing and one way I use is making money online. Are you interested ? If you are then go ahead a take a look at my number one recommendation.


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