Is Volusion A Scam ?

Hello folks, I’m back to answer another product question, is volusion a scam or a legit opportunity ? Time to reveal what I found out about this product, so here is my review for anyone that is split on their decision.


Product: Volusion


Prices: Different pricing levels ($15,$35,$75,$115)

Owner: Kevin Sproles

This isn’t a program that will get you rich over night or anything like that actually, it’s more of an e-commerce service but they try to persuade you in by stating that people that have valusion there website earns 4x more of other websites. This program does not guaranteed making money online, I wanted to get that out of the way. This product is a service where you can build a website that you can sell your own product online. You will also get some training on the major aspect of making money online but not too deep.

is volusion a scam ?

What it provides:

  •  an online store builder
  • management and setup
  • website hosting
  • business tools
  • marketing services
  • SEO packages

As you can see it brings quite a few of features that can be useful but is the price worth it ? ehh that’s up to you.


Is Volusion A Scam?

The short answer is no but then again I wouldn’t be so quick to recommend it. If your only purpose online is too build an online store to sell your products and you can afford it, I would tell you to go for it. The truth is that this product/ company is really only worth while for getting your e commerce online store up but as far as everything else that is tied to an online business it really lacks a lot.

The most important aspect in an online business I would argue is traffic but volusion doesn’t really cover that all that well. But if you don’t see any real importance in traffic then by all means go for it.

there are other ways to sell your products online and with a better service in my opinion and that service will be wealthy affiliate.

You Are Not Guaranteed To Make Money And Here Is Why

To make it simple, to make money online isn’t as easy as setting up a website and kaboom! the next day you are generating passive income . There are many aspects of an online business but does Volusion cover them ?

To answer the question again, is volusion a scam ? Nope, but that does not mean that you will earn money from it as too many aspects of an online business are neglected.

Have any personal experience with volusion ? Please be kind enough to share it.


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