Is Young Living A Scam Or Even Better Yet, A Pyramid Scheme ?

Today I want to take some time to provide you with my Young Living review as there seems to be a lot of people asking, is young living a scam or is it actually legit. For this review I plan on concentrating on the business opportunity side of things.

Dr. Gary Young began the operation of Young Living back in 1993. Young Living as you may know is a Multi Level Marketing business (MLM) that believes in delivering the highest quality of essential oils to it’s consumers as there are many ineffective oil products on the market.

While I do know that young living as a company is actually legit, there are some question that you need the answer to before signing up. For instance, do you get proper training ore is this a product that people actually seek heavily ? There are many questions like these that I plan to shed some light with this review.

What Is Required To Join This MLM Opportunity

To become an independent distributor of young living  you will need to purchase their minimum package which differs from $40 to $160 .

At the point when you purchase one of these starter kits(the one above) you are officially an young living independent distributor. It’s actually that simple but let’s take a look at what’s offered as an independent distributor.

Will You Get The Appropriate Training?

With any type of MLM company that you may join the training aspect that you may receive truly depends on what team you actually fall under. If you are lucky enough you will land on the right team that will take your under their wings and teach you the in’s and outs of this type of business. If you end up on the wrong team then I can 95% guarantee you that you will not succeed. This is one major thing that upsets me about MLM companies as there isn’t a guideline on training that will be followed.

Depending on your team leaders is the type of marketing path you will most likely follow for example, you can go the door to door sales route or go straight to the online marketing aspect of things it really depends. For this reason alone I don’t feel everyone is set up for equal opportunity to succeed.

The Essential Oils Guidelines

If you done your research on essential oils you probably know that it is a product that can easily violate rules and certain regulations within your country. Training on the guidelines of essential oils within your own country ironically is essential. Distributors sometimes don’t even know they are violation these guidelines and this is caused because not enough training and awareness is being raised.

There was even some claims that essential oils can prevent and cure Ebola, which these rumors made it’s way all the way to the (FDA) the food and drug administration. Some claims even came out about curing the Parkinson disease. This is very unethical as these distributors are stating lies to sell these young living products. These are false statements, distributors are doing everything possible to sell and this unfortunately means to lie as well.

To be honest this doesn’t fall on the newer young living distributors, this falls on the leaders that have been around for a while. They place the statement that “our essential oils can cure ebola” in your head and you figure that it’s a good statement to tell the people you are giving a presentation to. You don’t actually know that you are very being unethical.

Is Young Living A Legit Opportunity?

To be fair their products aren’t bad but there is false claims around these products and consequently people believe it’s a scam. It’s not a scam because they do pay their distributors but the truth is that most people will fail with this type of business. Not everyone is giving the same opportunity to succeed as it really depends on your leaders as I previously stated.

Inside the team of distributors people are making false claims but this isn’t necessarily the companies fault as this falls on the distributors using unethical marketing tactics to gain a sale. With any MLM company it will take a lot of hard work, time and most of all the determination that helps you thrive in this type of business.

The products that you are going to be promoting might good but now with the negativity that surrounds Yung living based on the false claims made then it is not going to be so easy to make sales.

Right now there is a greater than 90% chance you will fail, no doubt but if you have what it takes then yes you can be successful. Learn to make money online with the same training every single member is getting.

My Verdict

Personally speaking I’m not a big fan of MLM companies but this one is ok, it’s not great or anything like that but you can possibly manage if you thrive on sales. Most people will not do well in this type of business but there are a few exceptions.

At the end of the day if you are looking to make a full time income but aren’t comfortable with public speak or interaction with people then I would avoid any MLM company.

Have you had any experience with Young Living before with their products or the business side of things? I’d like to hear what you have to say down in the comments section.




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  1. Great post! I really like how you’ve organized all your content and wrote down every point that was needed. You really spoke down-to-earth and helped me learn a lot about the product. Good job choosing nice pictures and showing off the product properly. I applaud you for this article. Awesome!

  2. Hello Yunier, I can see that Young Living is obviously an MLM kind of business. Ordinarily, I am not a not fan of MLM business because of it nature or system of making money. You have to depend on your down lines in order to succeed even when they (down lines) are struggling. Here is where you find cases where a sponsor is living large while his/her down lines are struggling.

    Anyways, like you said, there are some that are easy to market and I think Young Living is one of them. Thanks for the info, I will further study them.

    • Hey man ! I’m not a fan of An MLM kind of business like yourself. I believe in giving an equal opportunity to succeed but MLM usually fail in this aspect as you are essentially trained differently from one another depending on which team you fall under. If you fall on a non supportive team how successful do you think you will be ?

      Young living has some okay products which makes them appealing but to say you will make a full time income seems like a stretch. Most people will never see minimum wage through a MLM opportunity but if you have the determination , time and hard work then I believe you can be successful but don’t expect to be wealthy right away that’s the wrong type of mindset that sets people for failure.

  3. Hey hows it going. I believe Young Living may not be a scam. I think it is way to give you some money opportunity for yourself. However the fact of it being MLM pyramid scheme just don’t think it would work for me. Not saying it would work for others because usually it does. But you have to be one hell of a salesman. Plus the people you don’t sign up and start selling under you where you make a commission may be difficult, its kind of have another successful person just like you making a living.

  4. A initial package that costs from $40 to $160…not for me I’m afraid.
    These days there is no legitimate reason to pay to earn a living online – all the legit opportunities offer a free sort of membership!
    This is set up on a pyramid or multi level marketing basis which is probably the poorest marketing option out there – not for newbies or anyone else with half a brain for that matter!

  5. A initial package that costs from $40 to $160…not for me I’m afraid.
    These days there is no legitimate reason to pay to earn a living online – all the legit opportunities offer a free sort of membership!
    This is set up on a pyramid or multi level marketing basis which is probably the poorest marketing option out there – not for newbies or anyone else with half a brain for that matter!

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