Is ZNZ A Scam ?

Hello everyone, I got a couple of emails recently asking me if “is ZNZ a scam?” or very similar question which inclined me even more to do this review. It should be noted that I was going to do this review either way but I just made it a priority.

What Is ZNZ?

Zip Nada Zilch or better known as ZNZ, is simply not a program or website I would recommend. ZNZ is basically an insensitive website that offer the lasts products and services, you will earn money by participating and getting other people to sign up. They claim its free but then hidden chargers appear. Let me take you through their 4 steps that will have you “gaining money for free” or so they say .

Step 1

Your first step would be to join one of 11 different programs they have available for you. You are required to use your real valid information and only one person per household is allowed.

Step 2

In this step you would have to complete an offer of the ones that are provided for you. Here I repeat be very careful as the trial periods if you don’t cancel it on the fifth day you will be charged and it will be a headache to get your money back.

Step 3

After you complete step you ZNZ will provide you a link that you can post across the web where it is ALLOWED because if it isn’t this is considered spamming. With this type of technique you must be very careful as it can result of you getting banned.

Step 4

After all this , once the people you have referred completed the offers that pop up for them you will receive credits which can be cashed out. Its many different offers as ZNZ is affiliated with a wide variety of companies. You would be paid by pay pal for the credits you earn.

Let Me Keep It Short And Sweet

If there is one thing I hate it would be just rambling on so let me get to the point. So pretty much with ZNZ once you get to some of these offers you will realize that you have to hand over your information and “pay” for these trial runs but you will have to keep an eye out as if you let it get to close to the seventh pay you will be charged either way.

Also, most of these offers only give you about .25 credit meaning you will have to complete 4 trial runs for just one credit, umm ? I wasn’t too impressed with this and you can say that ZNZ requires you to stay with the trial run a certain about of time. You may even say that they genuinely care but the truth is that for every offer a ZNZ members signs up they get an estimate of $3 .

Remember the offers are not being given out by ZNZ these are other companies which operate from outside of the U.S which means U.S laws don’t apply to these companies. There have been cases of people having identity issues because of programs like this.

These are just some of the reasons I don’t recommend ZNZ..

My Verdict

I know some people might make money off this program but tell me, at what cost ? Do you know what you are doing with your personal information. All im saying is if you are having success that’s great but be careful of what you are putting at risk. If ZNZ doesn’t sound like its for you then I suggest you take a look at my number one recommendation.


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