Juice Plus Review: What Is The Juice Plus Scam?

You are like many people then you were looking for a juice plus review that will answer the question of what is the juice plus scam. This review will take a look at the juice plus business opportunity side of things and help you decide is juice plus a scam or a legit opportunity.

What Is Juice Plus?

The juice plus company was founded in 1970 when it sold fire detectors. Looking back, during their 40 year history they have sold various products to the public. It wasn’t until 1993 that they began their juice plus product line. They are known for using multi level marketing (MLM) as it’s main source for selling their products. Juice plus a multi million dollar company that is based on Tennessee but it currently operates in over 20 countries.

The Juice Plus Product Overview

If you do your research you will see that the main product line in this company is juice plus which is a supplement that claims to be as good and beneficial as fruits and vegetables. They claim that its not a vitamin supplement because it comes from whole foods. I’m not getting into the health or food benefits related with the juice plus. The objective of this review is to cover the business opportunity that is being offered. You should consider the health side of juice plus products as there seems some controversy on their products.

The Juice Plus Business Opportunity

To start off juice plus claims to be a virtual franchise but with the more research you do you realize that it’s actual an MLM business model. I can see why they label it a virtual franchise though, with all the negative light that is related to MLM business opportunities it doesn’t seem bizarre to separate themselves from MLM. Think about it, if someone says I have this MLM opportunity for you the first thought that comes to peoples head is “Scam or pyramid scheme” .

The more you read their virtual franchise description the more it shouts MLM to me. They have been doing this for 40 years and it’s very understandable but it doesn’t take away from the fact that no matter how you call this business model it’s still an MLM.

They claim that they concentrate on the sales aspect of things instead of the recruitment process that involves MLM.

The Juice Plus Scam Broken Down

If you actually go based off the corporate level that is described then it really is a worthwhile legit opportunity but this usually isn’t the case. It really depends on who you get recruited by and which members you recruit for your team. Many distributors will operate an unethical and illegal method of promoting Juice plus resulting in the company getting claimed as a scam.

If you know anything about MLM you would know this seems to be pretty common within this business model. You may ask when is a company considered a pyramid scheme?

If there is a bigger emphasis on recruiting instead of sales then it’s probably a scam. Most MLM will get caught in between and walk that tight rope line causing them without really knowing crossing over to the recruitment side of things resulting in getting themselves in a lot of trouble.

Even if you take a look at business models in the corporate level they can eventually become pyramid schemes based on how the distributors approach their job. Many people will concentrate on recruiting instead of selling and this consequently will have a negative effect on the whole company. This will make it hard to decipher which companies are scams or legit.  For a company to remain legit and stay out of lawsuit troubles then it has to be ALL about the product pretty much.

The Big Question: Is Juice Plus A Scam?

Let me be clear, juice plus is not a scam at all. It’s actually a legit opportunity that many people will chase but the reality is that most people will fail within an MLM opportunity. It takes a lot more than just joining some company with an opportunity and be making tomorrow at the snap of a finger.

if you research opportunities across the MLM industry then you will realize it takes a lot of hard work, basic understanding of MLM , and dedication that most people will not have. In fact, 97% of the people that start with this type of business model will fail. It takes a certain skill level to really be successful and it’s sad that most people aren’t aware of this because no distributor will tell you.

Many people that join these MLM business models don’t know a thing about these opportunities. Needless to say they have no prior training or experience which just makes it extremely difficult to get started and just break out with success. You will reach frustration and probably give up without giving it a shot. I usually say that it takes about  months to see if an business opportunity is worth your time.

My Verdict

At the end of the day you will need formal marketing training to get started within any business model in my opinion. The place that I’ve seen that offers the best help , support, and most of all opportunity to succeed is my number one recommendation.

Remember that MLM just isn’t for everyone! Heck it’s not even a business model I feel comfortable with and that’s why I don’t do it. It’s not my personality at all as I don’t enjoy direct sales that’s why I stick with affiliate marketing .

Have you had any experience with juice plus ? I would like to hear your thoughts and experience on juice plus.




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  1. Its hard for me to put down MLM even though I failed at three of them. For some people it is a legitimate way to start a business with little money and I have known extremely capable people with large networks of contacts make it big…not me. I don’t think i ever tried so hard to make something work…but when you are dealing with people who lack faith or want something for free it becomes a headache quickly.

    • Hey there Mac,

      I agree with strongly ! Lacking the network to promote the opportunity becomes so hard as it’s hard to reach people that genuinely are interested. Most the time people just want free samples which is very frustrating. I seen many people waste a lot of time without seeing no results with nothing to show.

  2. Hi Yunier, thanks for breaking this down for us. I have a co-worker who is involved with beach body/shakeology and she is always trying to recruit me into her program. how annoying!

    You would probably have more luck building a niche or authority site with high quality content and writing reviews about popular products in the industry than trying to recruit people that have no exposure to MLM. It seems like a big waste of time and energy. Plus, why would I want a powdered juice product when I can buy fresh or even better, make it fresh?

    Great review of this MLM, and thanks for all the detail. I always tell my friends who try to get me involved not to bother!


    • Hello Krysten,

      I would prefer building a niche or authority website before I go the network marketing road. I don’t like working for someone because I’ve seen stories where the company strips you of everything you earned through MLM. I rather build a website / Business that I can market myself and that I myself are the only owner.

      Plus there is a lot more potential in the world of online business even through affiliate marketing. I would definitely avoid such MLM companies unless you are super comfortable, have basic knowledge, and are willing to put an extensive amount of time building out. Needless to say you aren’t going to be making any serious money anytime soon.

  3. Really liked your break down on Juice Plus Review: What is The Juice Plus Scam?

    Like most MLM business opportunities if you want to call them that, tend to focus to much on signing people up with out sales. You are right about the direct sales and the need to move product and not the concentration for recruiting.

    Most people as you say are not able to do direct sales or even want to so this form of business is definitely not the way to go.

    • Thank you travis,

      Most people won’t understand the concept behind MLM companies as they are not willing to go into the field of direct sales but they want to be successful with such companies, it doesn’t make sense. I always try to reviewing these MLM companies objectively but at the same time telling my readers of what to expect if they wish to join such opportunities with hopes of being successful.

  4. Juice Plus has certainly been around for some time, and if it’s still going today, it just shows it’s a successful company that’s legit and making money.

    MLM (Network Marketing) is a big industry and is the way forward for businesses to grow through word of mouth instead of paying fortunes for promotions.

    This is a great review of Juice Plus, and I’m now thirsty! LOL.


    • Hey neil,

      They are definitely successful and I don’t blame you for being thirsty lol A business by word of mouth will always be harder to succeed in unless you have a whole lot of connections you can reach out to which is rarely the case.

  5. I think the main point you covered here is that 99% of people fail to make any sort of money through MLM systems. I personally have always stayed away from them and prefer the more traditional methods of internet marketing. Do you yourself use MLM programs to make money online or not?

  6. Hi Yunier,

    You have done a great job breaking down what Juice Plus is. People out there will have a visual of what they are getting into if they decide they would like to be a part of juice plus or not. We also know that it is a legitimate business not a swindle. I personally will not be getting into the business of Juice Plus, because I am more of an Information Technology person.

    Yours Truly,

  7. I’ve always been interested in MLM products. Not because of the earning potential, but it’s just that they tend to be really good quality products. Despite what you say about mlm, the products that the industry produces tend to be high in quality. Take amway for example. Tried and tested. Arguably hard to make money with it but the products are really good. I think the same applies to juice plus from my own personal experience. Despite what you say about the business, the product seems to be really good quality. A good starting point for any business / product.

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