Karatbars International Review: Is Karatbars International A scam?

I’m definitely excited to share my Karatbars international review with you today to see what is the real value in buying and selling gold. I’ve read many people online ask specific question such as is this a worthwhile opportunity or is Karatbars International a scam ?

There are many question out on this MLM opportunity right now and I hope to shed as much light as I can on this product.

Company: Karatbars International

Price: Free, $135, $350, $810, $2172

My Verdict: I Don’t Recommend (check out my number one recommendation)

What Is Karat bars International?

Karat bars International is an MLM company even if they don’t admit it, that selling quantities of gold amount as it’s product. It’s very simple, it’s basically a piece of gold that you would invest in but what makes this company unique at face value is the fact that they claim that their gold is better than it’s competitors. I’m not sure I agree with that statement but let’s keep rolling.

Think about it, when you sell it at the end is going to be bought for the same value as any other. The gold’s that are up for sale are quantities of 999.9 or 24 ct. You are able to buy as little as 1 gram but gold is actually bought in the markets for the quantities of 31.1 grams.

Gold Buyers Are Extremist

I dislike that within the community of gold investors everyone seems to have an all in type of mindset. As they state that you should buy gold because:

  • The dollar is fiat currency and worth nothing
  • The economy is going to crash
  • Paper money isn’t real money
  • The next depression is coming
  • Save in gold to store real wealth

Think about it , do you have money stacked away that you can just say without thinking twice I’m going to invest thousandths on gold ? Most people will say NO! You are probably checking out this review to see if Karat Bars is a good way to possible earn some more money on a monthly or yearly basis.

most of us just make enough to pay our bills and live, not to have money to spend all crazy like how many people are mistaken into committing the wrong investments. If this is such a good investment why the gold value dropped from $1900 in 2013 to $1200 today in 2015. I don’t feel comfortable investing in a product that seems to be losing $100’s on a yearly basis.

Karat Bars International MLM Business Opportunity

Before I get chewed up for calling Karat Bars an MLM business as they clearly say that they are not. Okay, if you make money based on pretty much how many people you can recruit to sell with you to add volume to how much you can make then you are a MLM business.

Thee difference with this company is the fact that they don’t have the underlining compensation plan with levels and percentage that other traditional MLM companies. Think about it you are recruiting your team members to make money off their work essentially , isn’t this an MLM method ? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Now, you will need to buy certain promotion packages that vary in prices. This is one of the major disadvantage of promoting Karat Bars as you will need to invest thousandths of money to have the possibility to earn as much as possible. Still think it’s not an MLM ? Here are the different package options.

Karat Bars Compensation Plan

I found a really good video on the how the making money works within Karat Bars international depending on packages, take a look.

 Some Concerns

Before you make any sort of commitment if you haven’t yet, are people really open about the idea of investing in gold ? Many gold distributors only believe in one dam thing and that is the opinion that gold is the best way for money. They come across so aggressive that no one will sign up because they are extremist.

Just do your own research and you’ll come across the claims that America is falling and that china is going to take over the world. Again these are predictions but can you place some money on these predictions ? I sure cant ! I look at facts not false hope as you never know how the economy will change.

With the high reward price of selling gold this means that many people are trying to promote and sell gold. You may ask why is this a concern ? If there are more representatives than there are consumers, how likely are you to make any serious revenue ? Not likely at all in reality.

My Verdict

There are even many scam reports out on the web and there are even scam warnings being send out. This is just going to make it harder for affiliates to sell gold because as these scam warnings get out all that is going to do is make it harder for you to make money. What is my opinion of this opportunity ?

Will you want to be associated with a company that has such a negative feel about them ? I sure wouldn’t ! As far as I’m concern I cant recommend anyone to buy or invest anything on this company . If you are trying to make more money then I suggest you take a look at my number one recommendation.

Have you bought from this gold company before or you just want to share your thoughts ? Feel free to leave your comments down below.




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  1. Hello Yunier Another good review of a “MLM” as you say they say NO it not. But watching the video in your presentation it’s difficult not to come away with the impression that it’s not a MLM.

    Essentially you have an online store selling ‘products’ some of which is ‘gold’.

    I think your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate would be a far better way to make a living online .

    Thank you for providing more good information to your readers. 🙂

    • Hello Peter,

      The think that bugged me was the fact that they seem to be ashamed to be labeled an MLM. I’ve always had a negative mindset about these type of business but I always try to judge a company or program as objectively as possible.

  2. I have never heard of this as a concept! It really sounds dodgy, excuse my British terminology, but that shouts scam to me right from the off. Pushing people into selling gold. Crazy! I am glad you have pointed it out to people so that others can’t get trapped into this business. Thanks!

  3. Those fees are just so high that is no wonder that is not even oriented towards the average people , i wouldn’t be willing to spend $800 for example on them considering all the negative reviews around the internet.
    Be it an MLM or not to begin with those prices are just not accesible for many.
    On a side note your number one recommendation is far more appealing.
    Thanks for your detailed review.

  4. Great tip on Karatbars international. Interestingly, I had never heard of them before today. I am not convinced completely that they are a scam, I do agree that they have a shady business strategy, and definitely agree with you that they are an MLM. I also get that negative vibe, where you know you will spend the rest of your days working extremely hard with very little take home as is possible with most scam businesses. I also prefer your first recommendation to this; and will advice anyone that is interested in making real money online to take this route as I have. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yunier, what a great review! I am certainly glad I stumbled on this review. I have been hearing from too many people about this gold ordeal. I really don’t like to hear things like this. You know, like the American doolar is going down and will not be worth anything in the future. I really can’t stand hearing stuff like that. I really like gold. If I had some extra money I would certainly think about investing some in it, but I don’t. So I’ll just keep buying it for personal uses. lol Thanks a lot for the review. Oh and your #1 recommendation is great! Thank you.

  6. Well, there seems to be an MLM company popping up for just about every subject these days…don’t people realize the dangers involved in network marketing? (yes network marketing is exactly the same thing – no matter what they try and tell you!).
    Do you try your best to hunt down these MLM rip offs? If so, well done to you mate!

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