Killer Content System Review

Product: Killer Content System

Owner: Socrates Socratous

Price: $47 but there is a special discount for $37

My Verdict: I Don’t Recommend

What Is The Killer Content System?

When you first reach their website you will encounter a video that plays by itself with Socrates socratous explaining about a system that helps him make money on auto pilot (red flag). If you don’t know I’m not a fan of automated systems but let’s continue. They tell you that you can obtain your websites with a few clicks only and while this is true let’s find out if the promises about making money are actually true. You don’t want to waste your time with an automated system ? Go directly to my number one recommendation.

The Good Vs. The Bad

The Good

  • Not expensive to get started
  • A good amount on training videos
  • Some extra tools that can help you make money

The Bad

  • Might have too many options with no clear direction
  • The training is too dull presented in a way that’s hard to go through it all
  • No free trials
  • Lacks community support
  • Fails to provide you with the help that should be given

An Overview Of Killer Content System Tools And Training

The training that you are given are presented in a form of 10 videos that include the following information below.

  • Learn how to build a list for eBay for free
  • Achieve more than 3000 subscribers with as little as 2 hours per day
  • Learn to get paid a lot of money for building lists
  • How to turn product information into CDS
  • How you can make 68% more by reselling rights on your products
  • How to double your income while working for less time
  • Increasing your conversion rates

They offer tools that can you can use to speed your writings in articles but this really bad as the search engines will never rank your website if you have duplicate content ( Killer content encourages you to do this). This is just a way to gain really poor results through SEO which is the best way to improve your websites ranking.

They have another (negative ) tool which is called money maker which adds banners to your website. This is an auto publisher that simply adds articles in an automatic way which is just like above, a bunch of duplicate content.

Is Killer Content System For You ?

By what you have read in my review you can see this isn’t a product that I would use or recommend. This was suppose to be used for people that have no experience via computers or internet marketing. It’s actually really simple to use but as you can see it has some negative functions that you should stay away from. The search engines like unique content if you have content on your website that has been on many others website then I’m sorry you will never rank no matter how many articles you write.

There are just many options that the average beginner will have difficulty implementing as its very easy to be sold on a product when you are desperate about making money online. For instance, when you go to their website that sales video is supper annoying as one I hate sales pitch and two all he talks about was how his product is such a secret and that he makes so much money. That’s your typical “guru” that has a huge email list by many people visiting their websites directly is the only way is website gets ranked but once more and more people do reviews on this website the rankings will fall simply because bloggers are in it for the unique content.

In the ideas of Google , Yahoo, and Bing this will be the longevity of an online business because if you don’t write unique content then your website will sink in the sea of the internet world.

Is Support Offered ?

I’ve ran across many complaints regarding their support for various reason so I actually emailed them myself about a concern I had and guess what I didn’t hear back from them at all! That’s right no response of any kind and this really upsets me. A company that sells a product claims to provide support but you reach out to them and get no response ? What do you think is going to be my view on them ?

What they offer is your typical FAQ and if you don’t obtain the answer you are looking for in there then you are welcome to send in a support ticket but don’t count on getting your question answered quickly or at all.

If you are not a fast learner or an intermediate internet marketer at the very least, I think you will realize this isn’t a good product that you will invest in as it has many loopholes that you will have to get your way around.

I’m Mad About The Price $37

If you know me any bit then you will know I hate being blinded but that’s exactly what killer content system does here. When you watch the initial video you will be told that this product will cost you a $47 one time fee but once you go through a few clicks most people will be able to get it for $37. What frustrates me is the fact that they claim that this product is all you will need to make money online but what about your domain name (website) , or even the hosting ?

Even if this is just a one time fee you are being lied to as I don’t take very kind to this at all. Honesty is the best policy.

My Verdict

As far as the training within the videos is concern is actually some pretty good information but there is no guidance or real direction. You are thrown into a closed room of sales pitch without really knowing much. It can all look great but if you don’t know how to apply these methods to making money online then you will fail.

It’s better to master one thing at a time but you aren’t really told where to begin. For this reason and the persuasion of using their duplicate articles tool I cant recommend this product. Feel free to leave your feedback as I would like to hear what you think.

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  1. This is very good information. There are so many scams out there today. It’s good to see some genuine reviews that reveal the truth about these scams instead of the ones that you can tell are “paid” reviews. Thanks for the info!

  2. Very fishy that they would sell it for two different prices virtually at the same time, and is that a picture of your account? doesn’t look too bad right there!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

  3. Nice content, nice to see someone else do all the hard work and someone who cares enough to take the time to review such ‘money making’ schemes, I believe too many people get suckered in not really knowing where to go, I wish I had of come across a website similar to this ten years ago, would have saved myself a lot of money.

    • Hey Michael,

      I review products and programs from experience as I was once scammed ! It really motivated me when I created this website and to this day I love just raising awareness for my next visitor.

  4. Hi Yunier! Your page is really eye catching. I especially enjoyed the graphic at the top with the people and the world. I haven’t seen anything like it, so I enjoyed the unique property. You’ve added personality and your own touch in this review and I believe that will build trust among your followers. Keep up the good work!

  5. I really hate automated content writers. What’s the point? I’ve seen a few, but have never heard of this one. It looks like all the rest. If you can’t get original content on your own, or writing on your own, hire a content writer that you trust.

  6. Great article once again! Your on the path to great success! 🙂 check me out when you have a chance, Thanks!

  7. A very well done review, I was reseaching this and now that I found your review, I can check it off my list.

    Finding just the right program can make or break my experience because I’ve been through to many of them todate.

    Thanks for your comprehensive review

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