Legal Shield Review: What Is The Legal Shield Scam?

Hello everyone ! Today I’m taking the time to give you my Legal Shield as there are many people online asking “What Is The Legal Shield Scam?” I will take a look at this company as I’ve done some extensive research on them in the past couple of weeks and will give you my answer on this network marketing company that many distributors seem to be promoting heavily but it’s this opportunity legitimate ?

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What Is Legal Shield?

Legal shield which was originally known as prepaid legal , it’s a type of legal insurance company. The concept behind this company came to be when the founder had a serious accident back in 1969. Now the driver actually did have medical and car insurance but he realized that he didn’t have the formal insurance required to pay the  large legal bills that had been accumulated.

After this situation the founder came up with legal service company that works very similar to other insurances on the market. The members pay monthly fees for a package that has a variety of coverage’s as what happens during under represented are covered as you see the name,  Pre Paid Legal.

The most common package that is offered is the family plan that cost about $26 monthly but provides you coverage within motor vehicles, possible trial defense, and IRS audit assistance. Legal shield has actually grown to also cover identity theft which is one of the most growing issues in America.

The Legal Shield Business Opportunity

Legal Shield is mostly sold by representatives within a networking marketing type of compensation plan that the company chooses to employee. You will need to pay an upfront fee of $249 to have the opportunity to promote their products.

Commissions are actually paid yearly in advances and this gives you the opportunity to build an residual income with this type of business. Like being part of ANY network marketing opportunity it takes extremely hard work to actually succeed. Being a representative is hard work but its just not signing up people you also have to make sure that these sign ups are satisfied that they will be paying members for a long time. Reoccurring paying members should be your objective but companies like these or better said their “representatives” try to make it seem easier than it actually is.

They claim you will be rich in a limited amount of time but that’s just a fat lie. You should know that most people fail within network marketing because they aren’t properly trained and well they think it’s easy work when it’s really not.

Is Legal Shield A Scam?

No Legal Shield doesn’t seem like scam but people tend to believe it’s a scam because there is recruiting involve. This is usually associated with scams but if you know network marketing or multi level marketing then you would know that it’s a legitimate opportunity.

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This type of business wont work for everyone as it’s not suitable for everyone. Have you had any experience with legal shield or prepaid legal ? I’d like to hear what are your thoughts on this company.




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