Local Seo Pro Kit review : Let Me Put Kim Udell Under My Microscope !

Product name : Local Seo Pro Kit

Owner : Kim Udell

Price : 14$ but there is an additional cost of 19.97 (up to you)

My Review : I don’t recommend it

What Is It ?

This product the local seo pro kit is basically a package with pre written material to attack and appeal towards local seo clients that you are pursuing. In other words, its a starter kit to start an search engine optimisation business.

This is a product that was created with the purpose for online and offline marketing. The same pre written content will be received by everyone that purchases this product. In other words is not very unique but ill get to that later.

Quick Review

I cannot insist my fellow online business friends to stay away from this product . I understand that is appealing for the low cost of $14 but this should be the least of your concerns. Remember the search engines like websites to be unique! With that point being made; imagine if your website had the same content of about another couple thousand websites. Just guess what will happen the next time a Google update comes around ?

You’ll be falling faster than quicksand ! Now let me get into the actual product itself.

What You Need To Know :

If and when you buy the Local Seo Pro Kit be sure to know there is this upwell waiting for you. They call this the “premium upgrade”. Honestly , to me this was more of a marketing strategy or trying to pull a fast one on you .

With this premium upgrade you will receive 5 videos with some images that are a couple of minutes long tops. It’s not really a video in fact (lol) it’s more like images put together with music playing . This will cost you an extra $19.97.

The Good :

What I actually found good about this product was the fact that it comes with a basic checklist and this in my opinion is a good starting point for beginners. This checklist highlights many of the important Seo practices that i’ve learned.

As you can guess, there isn’t going to be much training as this is a pre-written product to be placed into your online business. (bad idea)

The Bad :

Now let go a bit more in depth on why this isn’t the ideal product anyone should purchase. If you are in it to learn about Seo , in my opinion you will learn more by searching up videos on YouTube or searching up on Google.

This pre written package that Kim Udell has assembled is a bad idea for any online business . I mentioned it above but let’s take a closer look. Just imagine you have a website on Dog training for instance, right ? So, a couple months pass and you are sitting at the top position on Google . Everything is going great as money is rolling in and ect. What if I see your website and decide to copy it and duplicate many of your articles . What do you think Google will do to my website ?

It’s going to end up in the bottom of the search engines in a hurry! I can’t place enough emphasis on how important original content is. This product is trying to jump over the competition but sorry folks it’s just not going to happen.

Another Issue :

Let’s say that you do succeed with this product and get a couple of clients. What happens if a client has questions for you ?! How will you explain something that you probably don’t even understand thoroughly.

One way or another, you are going to look bad and lose any credibility you have gained. It’s better to take the long road traveled to success then the quick path that will leave you in no mans land.

My conclusion :

If you succeed with this product then please share your story with me as anything is possible . If you are in it for the long run I suggest you stay away from this product as a pre written package is just going to set you up for failure.

What Now ?

The internet has millions of ways to make money online but in my personal opinion the best way to accomplish such financial stability online is through affiliate marketing . If you are interested in this option , I suggest you take a tour on how I got started with affiliate marketing . 



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