Marketing Impact Academy Review

Ever wondered if the marketing impact academy is legit ? Well this review will dive in it and discover if you should consider opening up your bank account for this program.

Product: Marketing Impact Academy

Price: $1999

Do I Recommend: Nope

What Is It ?

The Marketing Impact Academy by Chalene Johnson is essentially a membership website where you are presented video tutorials on how to increase your social media followers.

Quick Review

I’m sure you might know that social media is important when branding yourself out but at the end of the day this program isn’t focused on marketing what so ever ! It revolves around becoming popular on your social bookmarks that you would want to be part of but let me ask you something, are your followers worth $1999 ?

Even if you go with this program and lets say you get a decent amount of followers you wont have a single idea of how to convert these followers into real clients or customers, you ask why ? Well Chalene never discusses it !

What You Should Know

To be honest, the best part of this course is the bonus course that comes with when you buy the marketing impact academy called Instagram Impact. You can also get it separate for $99 which I suppose isn’t that bad but still that’s kind of a lot of money for a single course in my book.

With Instagram growing it would be good to open yourself up and find out all the ins and outs for internet marketers.

The Good

What I really liked was the fact that all the information was done through video which makes easier to grab on to certain aspects of marketing. Chalene is very clear and informative through her tutorials. At the end of the day we rather hear words than have to read words.

She does screencasts , which is simply just record your screen while you are on it which gives you a how to do feel

to the tutorials. The videos weren’t crappy, in reality it looked like she put much of her time into it but that still doesn’t justify that absurd price she requests.

Now The Bad

Just because someone creates quality videos doesn’t imply that the content is that good. Chalene basically states information that you can find by searching through YouTube videos or even in writing all around Google. To me it really looked like she got transcripts of someone’s post for each video and just read it out.

I really hate to talk down on someone but the truth is I came across way too general information and that will not get you no where. I mean I wanted to hear her mention how these courses could be applied to me personally.

This program was too broad in my opinion and because of that it looks bad in my eyes. Her best tips cant be applied 6 months from now as well, she tries stating what colors work best for Facebook but if you didn’t know Facebook is forever changing which means she needs to be updating frequently for her tips to have any real value within her courses.

It Gets Worse

I don’t condone spam at all and this is where I collided with Charlene. Her techniques on how to get followers is very annoying she relies heavily on liking random photos from other people. I mean this isn’t all that new and it can work to some degree.

The reason I don’t condone it is simply because its one thing to 1000 random followers but its another thing to get 100 followers that are interested on what you have to speak about. In business, what good is having followers that are not going to like a post you publish or a status you write up ?

It’s meaningless to have that follower or friend as they ultimately hold no real value or significance to the business you are trying to run.

In other words, will having 2000 friends on Facebook or 1000 followers on instagram put any money into your pocket ? Nope.

My Verdict

As you can see this program has no where near the value of what it cost. There are way better options out there that cost a fraction of this absurd price that Marketing Impact Academy requires. If you are looking for a real online business opportunity look no further. If you like you can begin by just writing up a website name that you would want for your online business below for FREE.

Thank you for your time as I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Till then have a wonderful day.




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  1. Wow…this program seems so over-priced for what it delivers. Thanks for writing such a thorough article on it. Sometimes the higher priced programs really deliver, so I can see how some people might believe this was worth it. And you’re right…I’d rather have 100 great followers that 1000 not-so-great ones.

    • Exactly jenny ! My Whole thing was one there is no way that I would pay that much for a program specially up front like that and second the tutorials that were delivered weren’t out of this world stuff.

  2. No thanks, sorry.
    It is way way out of my budget and I feel I am getting absolutely nothing for that money. The affiliate program I’m on offers me way more for less than a fraction of that. Is that a one off payment by the way? If not I would be surprised at who is foolish enough to pay again.

    • That was my issue , for that price I expect some secret marketing guru strategies that haven’t been revealed lol But all jokes aside its way too expensive for pretty much anyone as it holds no value for that price. Also, as far I know its only a one time payment.

  3. First off… I do NOT have an “affiliation” with Chalene with respect to gaining any income for promoting her training courses so my comment is strictly from my personal experience as I’ve grown my independent business over the past 5 years attending her training.

    Chalene Johnson has been my mentor since 2009. I initially found her through fitness as I attended a workshop to get certified to teach her Turbo Kick format in my classes. I’ve attended her LIVE Social Media training in Chicago in 2010, and have personally been involved in her PUSH Accountability training groups (of which she was awarded New York Times Best Selling Author for “Push”), Numerous online training courses over the years and I attended her LIVE Smart Success Training Academy in 2014.

    Your article is pretty impressive and well written. However, I wonder if you are speaking from your personal experience as far as whether you believe it is worth the cost. Or if you are basing your opinion on what you have read?

    For me, I can speak on my personal experience…. I’m a 41 year old Mom of 2 kids and married for 17 years. Prior to my training with Chalene Johnson, I had absolutely no network marketing experience whatsoever and wouldn’t consider myself a “sales person”. I WAS BROKE… in the middle of foreclosure, had our cars, trailer and motorcycle repossessed, unemployment, public aid, depressed and desperate.

    I was EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL as anyone would be that has been burned so many times in the past and taken advantage of… feeling helpless, but I NEVER LOST HOPE that I was meant to do more with my life.

    With a bankrupt state of mindset and feeling like a victim, even a $40 dollar investment would COST TOO MUCH to anyone like me when I had a NEGATIVE BALANCE in my checking account. And that TRULY WAS THE CASE for me. However, the value and I can speak for myself as well as over 50,000 other coaches on my team that have been attending her trainings over the years far EXCEEDS any of the price tags she has ever placed on her products.

    You are ALL welcome to “stalk” me to see the progress and success of my business as well as others I’ve shared if you follow me on Facebook. And that is NOT an attempt to gain more followers for me. I’m just offering to be an open book and testimony to anyone seeking to find help in improving their lives.

    Starting from being absolutely BROKE, I’ve built an incredible 6 Figure Income business …from home and around my most important priorities …MY FAMILY… I personally value everything Chalene has taught me over the years because her mission, philosophy and core values align with mine as a Mom, Wife, Solopreneur and a Woman who has fought through adversity her whole life.

    IS $1999 WORTH IT for this Marketing Impact Academy???

    Given the personal experience I’ve had from attending her past LIVE and ONLINE trainings, reading her books and listening to her audios, I would answer with a RESOUNDING….. YESSSSS!!! I am already registered to attend her next LIVE M.I.A training and can’t wait!

    I have never bought into Lead Generating Scams. NO… I don’t have a billion followers. I focus on working with the willing. I don’t focus on “selling” to people, I focus on “sorting” people and finding the ones that I can see myself working with. In order to do that, you BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. In order to create boundaries to protect your priorities and healthy relationships, you must greater your chances in finding those few (be it the 100), if it means sharing with 1000. Statistically, out of 10 people you share with, only 3% will be ready because of their timing in their lives to do something.

    AT THE END OF THE DAY….. the question really should be, is the COST worth it. It should really be, WHY do you want to do it and what’s YOUR WHY worth to YOU? If you want something bad enough…. cost doesn’t matter. Even to someone who was once broke like me.

  4. apologies… correction on the last paragraph of my comment:
    “the question really SHOULDN’T be, is the COST worth it….”

    THX 😀

    • first off, i would like to say thank you for taking the time out to comment on my article kristia. I get that you have had some success with charlene as a mentor and for that I’m glad you have achieved financial stability. But for me.. from my own personal experience what is being offered is way too expensive . You can learn almost everything she teaches for a fraction of that cost. Let me ask you kristia, someone starting off on internet marketing or just building an online business do you think the price tag of $1999 is too much ? I certainly think so ! I’ve tried many programs and in result i used to get scammed on the daily. I even was scammed by empower network. and this was when i was 17 years old. If you are selling a product or service on such an expensive price than you are not there to help others you are there to sell ! In my eyes there is a big difference . You might have your own opinion but let me ask why do you think is the reason that this is so expensive ? I could go to school for a year on that price alone.. it’s just not worth it at all.. i’ve honestly learned more through wealthy affiliate then any other program that i have paid for and it’s free to sign up if you want the premium membership is only $47 a month just take a look at my review on it. if i paid in advance i could have like 8 years for the same price that i would pay for marketing impact academy .. At the end of the day for my fellow readers i try to give them the best option and in reality wealthy affiliate is my recommendation every time.

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