Melaleuca Review: What Is The Melaleuca Scam?

Today I’m taking sometime to write up my honest Melaleuca Review as with any MLM business there is going to be quite a few of biased reviews online unfortunately, a lot of people get paid to write up these articles but let’s find out What Is The Melaleuca Scam? Or is there even one ? This company claims you could be really well off if you join their opportunity but first you should do your research but lucky for you that’s what I’m here for.

Many people however confuse network marketing for a scam meaning, if they don’t make money with a company that has MLM business model then they will label it a scam.

It is possible to make good money with network marketing but the reality is that one is not likely , two it takes really hard work , and three you need to have or develop the selling skills required to persuade the people you get meetings with.

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How Does Melaleuca Work In A Nutshell?

To me Melaleuca is just one of the domino effect type business , let me explain. You first become a representative then start recruiting people to your team to build a passive income. The more people you have under you the better your chances are that you will make money but in the end it depends on how well your customers recruit.

As you can see it’s just a chain reaction that will need to be repeated time and time again to have a chance to work.

The Melaleuca Products Or Opportunity?

Some people actually like the products so much that it’s why they originally joined but others just join because they want to achieve residual income freedom.

They offer so called “green” and “environmental” products. Here is an outline of the products:

  • vitamins and supplements
  • food and weight loss
  • cleaning and laundry
  • dental care
  • facial care/hair care
  • bath and body
  • beauty
  • home fragrances

There is actually many more different type of products which is a plus in my book. This is actually a very good market to be in it think about it, how many companies legitimately promote pro environmental products I can’t think of many.

Melaleuca Is An MLM Business

I laughed at these distributors sometime and I actually had the pleasure to discuss this business model with a friend of mine that swears this company isn’t a “MLM – multi level marketing” (he has joined them recently) . He claims that its just direct sales or network marketing, I stopped looked at him and asked him michael… are you recruiting people ? Are there people under you ? If you answer yes to any of these questions that just lets me know there is levels to this business opportunity which makes it a MLM business opportunity. If you look online there are many people with this mindset and this basically because if a company is associated with “MLM” people tend to think the worse and thats a scam.

Is Melaleuca A Scam?

No I don’t believe that this company is a scam but you need to realise that many people will try to make it seem that you are your road to riches wit some motivational videos these are sales tactics that I personally Am not a fan of, AT ALL! Trust me your expectations rise and you feel that you will be banking in no time but the part that people ignore is that it takes ALOT OF HARD WORK!

I’ve told this to other people before and all they do is shake me off but then months later they come back and tell me dam bro you were right.. I been through it before which is why I can relate personally.

If this doesn’t sound like it’s for you I suggest you take a look at what i’ve used to make residual income from home.

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Have you had any experience with Melaleuca ? I’d like to know your experiences.




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