Mobile Money Scam Or Legit ?

If you have landed on this post there is two possibilities, you are seeking a way to make money online or you are trying to find out, will Mobile Money Scam you.

I cant believe there are programs out there still trying to make money by scamming people that are unaware. Good thing you landed here, to make it clear this is a scam but if you just want to get out of here and go take a look at my number one recommendation.

What Do You Get With This Program ?

Okay first off that famous Greg Anderson isn’t a real person for starters but maybe you know his real name Ronnie Montano. If you don’t know this is a person that is notoriously known for creating scam products and putting it out in a different name each time.

To be somewhat brief this is product goes on sale for $49 with a discounter price of $9 but with upsells of $197 and $295. This is should be a big NO NO for anyone that knows about online programs but lets continue.

So basically you would be create websites for businesses and making them mobile friendly, now in theory this really is a genius idea if they actually structured the program behind this idea. Mr. Montano decides to take a left turn into the scam island and he has yet to return ! Okay seriously, he puts together a group of videos but honestly it mostly him talking about his bank account and so on.

What I do Like

As I mentioned earlier, the actual idea here is an excellent idea as most websites aren’t mobile friendly and that’s very interesting. It’s even more interesting is the fact that every year more and more people are using their phones over computers more and more.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the road this product took and because of this many people have been totally scammed.

What I Didn’t Like

Besides the actual program itself, what bothered me the most was the fact that all that was done was bragged about their bank accounts. I would get it if you brought it up once as part of your sales pitch but once it becomes the main focus in your sales pitch, you automatically lose points in my book.

You get thrown your way about 10 videos of just trying to get you to buy more and more stuff. This program is flat out bad as you don’t get any real support, repeated videos, and just an overall a bad experience.


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