My Amsoil Review: What Is The Amsoil Scam?

Hello everyone today I’m taking the time to review Amsoil in hopes to help you decide if Amsoil is a home based business opportunity. While this isn’t a new opportunity some people I’ve ran across keep askingwhat is the Amsoil scam?” This review will help you answer that question but first lets take a look at what Amsoil really is. 

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What Is Amsoil?

Let’s begin, so Amsoil Inc was actually found by Al Amatuzio back in 1972. This person was a fighter pilot with an extensive knowledge on synthetic oils and very dedicated to providing high quality oils which resulted in the creation of this company in Wisconsin.

This mindset was never abandoned as this company brought the first API-rated synthetic motor oil in the world. Since then it has steadily kept improving and widening it’s products and services by offering a wide variety of synthetic lubricating oils for all types of engines as well as fuel additives, filtration systems and other products that extend lubricant performance.

Synthetic oils have a well documented advantage as I myself only use synthetic oils which have not let me down to this day. While being the pioneers of synthetic oils it’s not a far stretch to name Amsoil the leader of it’s group.

The Amsoil MLM Business Opportunity

First let me state that Amsoil is a legitimate MLM business but what makes it a bit different from other MLM business models is the fact that you don’t get paid for recruiting other people to your team but you do get a part of the sales they accomplish.

You are not required to buy their products like many other opportunities make you as their warehouse take care of everything the shipping, the taxes and the backend support if anything goes wrong. Now while this is good let’s take a look at it from the other side of things.

Now the fact that you don’t get paid for recruiting people into your team makes this opportunity a very slow one. I wouldn’t expect to make any real money the first couple of months anyway. These warehouses are also known for being a bit slow on the stocking end of things meaning they don’t always have the products customers wish to purchase.

They do offer training, tools, and extensive support which will help you get going for a fee of just $50. If you checked out other MLM companies in the past you will know that this is a very small fee in comparison.

I feel this opportunity is for someone that enjoys dealing with oils and would like to possibly earn an additional monthly income. This isn’t some get rich quick scheme so don’t expect to replace your full time job but it can help.

Is Amsoil A Scam?

My verdict is pretty simple, this is a legit opportunity for those that are willing to put in the time and effort to make things work. My only reminder is that remember MLM isn’t that easy in fact in my opinion I don’t feel it’s for everyone. In fact it isn’t for me that’s why I prefer to make money from home with my number one ranked program.

If you have a good solid grasp on direct sales then I would say give it a go for it for sure but if you don’t I suggest you to build your skills before trying MLM as most will just quit out of frustration.

Have you had any experience with Amsoil ? I would love to hear your thoughts.




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