My Bubblews Review : Is Bubblews A Scam ?

If you landing here on my website, I’m sure you were searching on google “is Bubblews a scam”? or something along those lines, well here’s my Bubblews review to shed some light on if this is really an option for some income that you should consider.

What is Blubblews ?

first off, bubblews is a fairly new website ( less than 5 years) at one time this was a very exciting opportunity but a lot has changed with their pay model and much more. Enough of me rambling on, lets get down to the what is bubblews.

Bubblews is basically a platform where people can get paid for posting their content to this website. This a simple method, heres why blubblews would give themselves the luxury to pay for content. One, they probably have a big budget (lol) and two, the more content a website has the better it will rank on Google. Just imagine if 100 people write 3 post a week, now bubblews has 300 articles worth of content. This is a super small sample size as they probably had thousandths of people write for them.

All they want is just to gain visitors as its very easy to monetise  a website with ads and this way they will always be making money every second of the day. I’ll tell you why they started losing writers and a lot of content but first lets take a look at the steps to get started.

1. Sign up for free

2. Create your profile

3. Choose your category and write your article

4. Get your article to be noticed by comments and likes

5. Get paid in cents for any interaction that may occur on your article

6. Get noticed as the writer to become more popular and get compensated better


This may seem very appealing but don’t jump on impulse, keep reading and you’ll see what i mean.

You are writing articles right ? Ask yourself the time that you will be devoting towards writing for a website ( that isn’t yours )

Don’t you know that you could build your very own website for free and own all of your content. The reality is you might make a couple of dollars from your article but in all honesty you could make about 1,ooo monthly on your own website with the right guidance.

Here’s Why Bubblews Failed In My Eyes

They had a decent strategy to get ranked on Google by having writers publish content on a very constant basis but just because content is being posted doesn’t mean you will get ranked on Google. What Google really likes is Quality content and that isn’t something that Bubblews was placing an emphasis on. With all due respect , there might have been a time where you could have gotten ranked by just creating content and more content but when Google had it’s major update a couple years ago it literally wiped out a bunch of websites that were using this similar method.

Also, it didn’t help that Bubblews got a bunch of writers upset over not paying them. I really couldn’t believe this as there were many writers that failed to receive money in certain months and reaching out to them(bubblews) didn’t work as they chose to ignore these emails. This resulted in the writers leaving and also deleting all the articles they had written. further more, Bubblews updated their payment policy in a bizarre and unethical way. Just read below.

“Bubblews recently changed its compensation policy to a flexible model to match our advertising revenue. Instead of the previous fixed rate, Bubblews now pays a variable amount, depending on local advertising rates in your country. This ensures that the site remains sustainable, and may allow us to process redemptions more quickly.

“Unfortunately, due to extremely high levels of manipulation and fraudulent activity, Bubblews will not honor redemptions made before November 11, 2014.

“Furthermore, all redemption requests submitted after November 11, 2014 will be processed according to the new compensation model.

“We apologize to the Bubblews community for any inconvenience these changes may cause.”

Is Bubblews A Scam?

I don’t know about you but thats basically saying that anybody before november 11, 2014 will never receive the money they earned from their articles. This is a scam no other way to put it and it gets me outrageous at times to think a website is practicing these very unethical methods.

Im sure not everyone experience these unfortunate circumstances with Bubblews but it doesn’t change the fact that if some people were scammed out of money then the business as a whole should be labeled a scam and not be allowed to proceed with conducting business of any kind.

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Take care everyone (:



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