My Forever Living Products Review: What Is The Forever Living Products Scam?

Today I’m taking some time to give you my forever living products review as there seems to be quite a few people interested in the business opportunity that presents itself within this company. In fact, there are people that claim this to be a scam so what is the forever living products scam? Before I get into this review I should warn you that this business opportunity lies within the network marketing so in other other’s it’s an MLM business model that you will be operating.

I’m glad that you did take the right first step though as it’s always important in researching an opportunity before committing into anything simply on impulse.

If MLM isn’t for you I have something that might interest you.

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What Is Forever Living Products?

Forever Living Products is actually a private company that was founded in the 1970’s by rex maughan. Their main offices are located in Scottsdale, Arizona. They actually have over 10 million distributors which has resulted in forever living products to have a more than stable multi billionaire yearly revenue company.

Is The Forever Living Products A Multilevel Marketing Business?

Yes it is, I do feel though that a MLM company couldn’t be reviewed objectively if the company didn’t oblige by countries laws but in the USA the FTC has approved the MLM Network marketing business model. Once you see this company for what it is and you realize that it’s a genuine business opportunity instead of a scam.

They have over 200 bee products, aloe vera drinks and aloe vera-based aromatherapy products cosmetics, lotion, soap, tooth gel, dietary and nutritional supplements. There is a more than $2 million gross revenue from these products which means these products are in demand. I’m not going to take review on each product as that will take way too much time just think about if people keep coming back for these products every year that just means these products are quality enough to satisfy their customers.

What is very interesting is that to get started with the Forever Living Products opportunity is that it is actually ‘It’s risk free — no membership fee, no monthly fee, and no obligations to buy’ (according to their website). The Forever Living products compensation plan is based on the Unilevel Structure. Retail sales of the product earn the distributors a 30% profit margin, plus a range of commissions can add a further 5 to 18% for up to 5 levels deep and infinitely wide. On top of this there are other incentives such as car plans, profit shares, all expenses paid trips etc.

Is Forever Living Products A Scam?

Here we go again, the most common question when it comes to a MLM business model is “is x product a scam”. This is pretty common as many people fail with this type of business resulting in labeling the company they join a scam. It’s pretty much impossible to find a MLM opportunity that doesn’t have reviews online people calling it a scam but most of the time they do this out of frustration and failure.

Many people will never get the appropriate training required to succeed as it does take hard work and there is a skill that is required. In reality, this type making money method isn’t for many people as it takes a lot of invested time and knowledge to be able to provide your customers with all the answers to their questions.

Forever Living Products has quality products that are in demand which means there is a market for . The company holds a legal MLM business model. It’s really up to you on how much work and time you are willing to put in. This simply means that my verdict is that forever living products is :

This doesn’t guarantee that you will make such amount of money and you really think about that many people will never make any type of money. I find it that MLM is actually not for anyone, it’s actually not even for me. You should really take a look at the program that I linked below that helped me achieve financial freedom.

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Have you had any experience with Forever Living Products before? I’d like to hear your comments on this company and more importantly, the business opportunity.






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