My Peng Joon’s Membership Sites Blueprint Review

Hello everyone, today I’m taking some time to take a look at Peng Joon’s program , here’s my membership sites blueprint review. I should tell you that this program isn’t that bad but I believe there are better alternatives on the internet currently but they do offer some pretty decent information that might be valuable.

Product: Membership Sites Blueprint

Product Owner: Peng Joon

Price: $37

Few Upsells: $47/month ($1 trial); $197 (discounted to $97)

What Is The Membership Sites Blueprint ?

As you may figure its a product that teaches you how to build and run your own membership website. It attempts to teach you how to sell your own products for reoccurring monthly sales as Peng Joon isn’t a fan of affiliate sales because he says it only happens once. He’s wrong as you can promote a program that can be reoccurring as well but let me not get off topic.

Peng does dive into the topic of building membership websites quite deep as he provides a substantial amount of information.

The Concept Behind Membership websites

If you are a beginner to the intriguing world of online marketing then you will be appealed in towards a membership type of website but it’s not all that great as i’ll explain shortly. There is a process to online marketing thats pretty complicated i won’t lie but let me generalise it as much as possible for a second.

Build A Website -> Write About Your Topic -> Gain Visitors-> Earn Revenue

Now each of these steps I could go really in depth but i’ll end doing a 10,000 word article but I want to focus on this review. This will be just the beginning process as it will take a pretty good amount of time to master this process and to jump into something like memberships websites is going too far as you will need a lot of visitors in my opinion.

This membership site will teach how to create your own membership website as they will explain all the in’s and out’s that are required.

The Good

  • Some good quality information
  • A whole bunch of easy to follow tutorials
  • Explains how to take an idea and build an online business through membership sites
  • Good direction with this product

The Bad

  • Upsells
  • You are told that you need membership website to earn money online (false)
  • You are being sold on this product by money claims from Peng
  • Membership websites aren’t exactly for everyone

What I Liked

One of the things I did really like was the 30 day outline schedule that you will follow to building your membership website. This is the type of guidance that most product/programs tend to lack as they give you a brainstorm amount of ideas but no actual plan for you to execute. This is very valuable specially for a beginner.

 What I Didn’t Like

Sometimes there is too much information with not enough guidance. If membership site blueprint had more of a direction for members then it might have been a product I could recommend but that’s not the case. The issue I have is that they present you with quite a few tutorials is that it’s very easy to get lost.

I been in this situation before and trust me it’s not fun at all. Don’t get lost with my number one recommendation there is guidance here plus you get my help.

My Verdict

Now that we gotten down to the end of this review i’ll explain why this isn’t an ideal product to learning how to make money online. Simply put Peng promotes just one route and that’s building a membership website when there are many other ways to build income online.

You can earn revenue with affiliate marketing as I know many people that have done this within Wealthy Affiliate. Although this program is actually pretty decent but the reason I cant recommend the membership site blueprint is simply because I don’t see many people succeeding if the main objective is to just build membership websites. I don’t feel this is setting up people for success specially for beginners as they will be in no mans land. I don’t feel like I could do this at the moment myself as its geared for someone that has a much better grasp on the online world.

You should focus on a simpler strategy that you will have the right assistance with and you are definitely setting yourself up for success.




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yunier gonzalez

Hello everyone and welcome my name is Yunier Gonzalez as you might know. I help out people on the internet avoids scams and more importantly build their own online business. Remember sharing is caring so feel free to share my content with your friends :)


  1. Great review of this program I like how you explain the process and make comments along the way. You are right that some affiliate program do offer ongoing payments some even have lifetime commissions (not all) but you do have options and I totally agree with your number one recommendation. Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to get an online education and unlike other programs that often have too much information with not enough guidance This is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate. Great review Thank you 🙂

    • Haha thank you peter ! I tend to make comments spontaneously as I write my articles 🙂 I definitely agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the place where the best education lies and whats awesome is that its free to join.

  2. Good evening Yunier,

    I really found your review on peng joons blueprint very interesting. Is his program new? as I have never heard of it before, it sounds like a decent program.

    Too bad peng joons membership site falls short on providing you guidance and direction, not to mention I am not a fan of upsells. I totally agree with you Yunier, you can earn a revenue with affiliate marketing.

    Thanks again

    • Hello there Jennifer,

      The membership site blueprint has been around since late 2013. It’s an okay program but peng the owner tries to persuade you too much in that membership sites are where the online money’s at. As far as building membership websites goes it has some very valuable information but I don’t feel a beginner should be focusing on these type of methods.

      In my opinion it’s better to concentrate on writing articles then limiting yourself to maintaining a membership site (its hard work). If you are an experience internet marketer then I would say give it a try but that’s only if you receiving quite a few of visitors online.

  3. Hey Yunier,

    Great information, I feel people would get a lot less value from getting educated by learning through a membership types website.

    I feel that there are so many avenues a person can take with their website. Membership Type Blueprint is limiting their students.

    What people need to realize is that people do cancel their memberships. Some stay for a month then cancel, that would be the same as one sale. Lol

    This maybe good for someone looking into a membership type website, but there are so many other options out there that can educates people on how to get more for their buck, including a membership site.

    I think people should look at all of their options before they decide on something like MSB. It may not turn out to be as lucrative as they may think. What do you think? Do you agree with me or not? Thanks!

    • Hello evelyn ! You are definitely right as membership sites are more for advance users but for beginners you are ignoring what is essential for online businesses. You need to build your knowledge foundation which is vital to understand the process of gaining traffic via organic (search engines).

      There are better ways to making money online without having to deal with the hassle of maintaining a membership website. In reality I don’t think ill create a membership website if it doesn’t atleast double to triple my profits. As it does require a substantial amount of work.

  4. I don’t like Peng Joon Membership Sites Blueprint as well. The information was a bit outdated and somewhat limited.

  5. Hi Yunier,

    I was looking for a membership site builder for a client of mine who wants to build a membership site for musicians.

    Luckily I came across your review of Peng Joons Membership Sites Blueprint Review. Thanks for the info, you saved me a bad recommendation.

    One thing that you pointed out that seems imperative in building an affiliate website or a membership site is TRAFFIC.

    Without learning how to build traffic, your site’s got nothing.

    Quick question, how does Wealthy Affiliate teach you to build traffic? PPC, Social Networks, etc?

    Thanks again for the review.


    • Hello Todd,

      I’m glad you came across my review of membership sites blueprint as there is a lot of misguided information on the internet. You are right without traffic a website is useless. Think about it when you go to sell a website one of the first things you are asked is how much traffic does your website get ?

      Here’s why I love Wealthy Affiliate so much, they teach you all the aspects of SEO ( search engine optimization) Everything from how to achieve organic traffic via low competitive keywords (they offer a free tool for this) they have a bunch of training on how to build your social media networks, they teach you how to build successful PPC campaigns that target just the right audience, and a lot more ! The best part is that there are 1000s of internet marketers that are willing to help you with any question you may have.

  6. Great article once again, really expands on the topic and relays important information to the audience. Thank you so much, can’t wait for newer articles.

    Check out when you have a chance thank you 🙂

  7. Hi Yunier,
    I have never thought of making money from a membership site and have never heard of this program before.
    While I can see the value of creating a membership site, I would be put off by the actual building of the site. Too complicated for me!
    I feel that there are many other ways to earn money online, perhaps not easier, but more straightforward to set up and better for any beginners online. I am particularly thinking about affiliate marketing or even selling your own products.
    I would certainly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a better place to start an online business. You receive step by step training that is easy to follow even for a complete novice.
    Thanks for the review,

    • Hey Peter ! I honestly don’t feel that memberships websites are the way to go in the beginning at least specially if you aren’t even an authority website. It takes trust with your visitors and offering them countless amount of good information before anyone is going to commit to be a member.

      I agree for beginners to even advance, I feel they are best to head to Wealthy Affiliate !

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