Nerium International Review: Is Nerium International A Scam?

As you may know I been focusing on MLM reviews lately and that trend isn’t changing as I’ll be sharing with you today my Nerium International Review. I noticed that inside my research I saw many people asking questions such as, is Nerium International a scam or is it legit.

I hope to answer these questions as crystal clear as possible ! I found many reviews online on Nerium International but almost all of them were super biased as it was a lot of reps giving their reviews but trying to convince you to join heavily. I’m not connected to Nerium in any way, shape, or form so don’t worry you will get an honest review on this company.

What Is Nerium International?

You want to be beautiful ? I mean who doesn’t want to look attractive. Nerium International is a multi level marketing business that sells beauty products with reps or distributors called “brand partners”. This company is run by Jeff Olson on a billionaire business market. Think about it, who doesn’t like beauty products if they will enhance the way you look.

Nerium Product Review

They have a beauty product called, NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment which is simply a night or day cream developed from their company’s “patent-pending” Nerium oleander extract.

It seems that this little plant is important because “third-party clinical trials” of NeriumAD yielded cases of reduced fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and overall improvement in the appearance of damaged skin. They seem to think that they have found the youth fountain but did they or is it just a false statement?


Nerium International Brand Partners MLM Business Opportunity

Unlike other MLM opportunities, Nerium doesn’t force you to stick to one specific way of selling their products. You can choose your own method whether it’s direct sales or online selling. Nerium products by independent distributors or brand partners as they call them.

Start Up Cost To Be A Brand Partner

Nerium offers 3 start up packages to promote for your business. Each package includes marketing material and tools to help you succeed as a brand partner.

  • Success Pack for $499.95: It includes 5 bottles of Nerium AD
  • Premier Success Pack for $999.95: It includes 12 bottles of Nerium AD
  • Brand Partner Launch Kit for $99.95: It includes marketing material but it seems to come with no product?

Nerium Brand Partner Commission Plan 

Nerium brand partners have the opportunity to make money from selling the product, recruiting other people and performance bonuses. You can earn a possible 10%-25% selling the nerium beauty products that are featured.  You are also able to receive a weekly customer acquisition bonus for every new auto-delivery order you receive. You can also receive bonuses of $16 for one bottle up to $60 for two bottles, depending on your current leadership level.

If you are able to recruit other people to become brand partner then you are eligible to earn 5% from the “coaching level”. As you move up the brand partner levels you will be able to make more and more money.

There’s some additional part of the this business that kind of upsets me..

It isn’t enough to pay just the starter packages that are actually very pricey if you ask me. You have to be an active member to be eligible to make money but here is what they mean by being active:

  • Produce 200 PQV in Sales to Personal Customers
  • Sign up to receive 80 PQV from a Personal Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) .

You have to accomplish either one of the options above but let me explain what this means in actual laments terms. You either need to have a certain amount of sales coming in at a monthly rate or you personally have to sign up to get Nerium products sent to your home. This was a snake eyes to me ! As it is not enough to just pay the starter package, now you also have the added pressure of meeting this goal.

What was the point of the start up cost then ? This is one of many reasons why I don’t think that MLM is the best way of making money through your very business. Take a look at my number one recommendation to see the very program I use to make money online.

For you Nerium reps out there that will start bashing me claiming that I’m down talking your company to sell mine please do your appropriate research. The program I recommend is free unlike the hundreds of dollars you pay as a start up package for yours and that alone doesn’t guarantee that you can even be eligible to make money with them.

The Product Negative Reviews

As much as there are people that seen results with Nerium cream there are just as many that didn’t see any improvement what so ever ! Many people also experienced negative allergic reactions which is a small concern but everyone reacts different as we are all not the same. I even heard about that there are claims that the people with before and after pictures that saw such huge difference in their appearance are photo shopped. Now these are all rumors and I cant speak on this as I haven’t seen anything on facts that will back up these remarks.

The only thing that does concern me is the fact that if there so many complaints that the products didn’t work, resulting in me thinking to myself is the thought of photo shop so far fetched ? To be honest I think it is a possibility but I’ll leave it at that and let you form your own opinion.

My Verdict: Is Nerium International A Scam Or Is It Legit?

Some people do see results with their product and some people do make money so I wouldn’t say they are a scam at all.


They don’t seem to be doing nothing illegal or unethical but would I recommend this product to a friend or a family member ?

Definitely not, although it’s not a scam but there are many concerns like the ones I listed above that would even make me hesitant to become a brand partner. Just look at the start up packages they are really expensive and then you have the added pressure of meeting your quotes in sales. If MLM isn’t easy then Nerium International isn’t make it any easier by placing the unnecessary added pressure.

That’s why I don’t enjoy many MLM business opportunities at all ! I rather stick to affiliate marketing as it’s simpler and comes with no expensive start up cost or added pressure to sell.

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I hope you enjoyed my Nerium International review helpful 🙂 Want to share your thoughts on Nerium International ? Go ahead and leave your comments below.






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  1. Hi Yunier, thanks for the heads up. The name sounds weird so I had to have a read. I’m glad I did, the start-up costs are high as you say. Never been a big fan of MLM. My wife is currently looking for beauty products so will let her know about this post.

    • Hey Dave,

      My main issue with such opportunities at the ridiculous cost that it takes to “just get started” which doesn’t even guarantee you anything.

  2. Yeah it’s always going to be a problem with MLM products – the quality. As you said here, most of them don’t seem to work ( or people have noticed no difference since using them! ).
    You have to ask yourself – can you really make a living out of items like this?
    Great article – thanks for covering this

    • Hey chris,

      I definitely agree that the MLM opportunity isn’t for everyone as a lot of people will fail and there is also the high fees that you have to pay which in most cases even involves training.

  3. Hi Yunier, I love beauty products but if I was ever to look in to promoting them then this is definitely a company I would avoid!! The fees are silly and I’ve noticed a few companies whereby if you don’t meet the target of sales you’ve signed up to, you personally have to buy the unsold products to make up your figures for that month – which sounds ridiculous, I mean how can you make money doing that? It’s a great article Yunier, very honest and open and I’m so pleased you marked it as legit even though it doesn’t seem workable – a lot reviews out there are marked as “scams” when in actual fact they really aren’t, it’s just hard to make them work…. I can’t wait for your next blog! Sammi

  4. Many women (and some men) will pay almost any price to be more attractive. This makes it easy to inflate product prices which is exactly what MLM’s need to do in order to be profitable and pay their distributors.

    Nerium International has obviously positioned themselves up to cash in on it. Hey, if it makes people feel better about themselves and they can make a few bucks selling some to their friends, more power to them.

    Just don’t expect to become financially independent doing something like this because……. well……’s an MLM and if you didn’t start at the ground floor, it’s already too late.

  5. Hi Yunier!

    Nice review. I’d heard of Nerium but never really took the time to look into it. Now that I’ve read your review, I can’t help but think of ItWorks!Global, especially the part where you have to be an active member to be eligible for commissions.

    I am not a big fan of the concept either and much prefer affiliate marketing, for it allows you to sell things without worrying about building up a downline.

    Throughout the years I have come to the conclusion that most MLMs (if not all) are scams. There might be companies that actually sell good products, but the whole selling and aggressive recruiting process is just a scam.. What do you think?

  6. A nice and informative review. Although I had never heard of Nerium International before, but I do have experience in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) as I was a Amway member. I too will not recommend to other people because of the minimum sales amount policy. To me, affiliate marketing is still the best. A personal question, have you been a Amway member before?

  7. Hi Yunier, Thanks for this review.

    I was considering MLM as an opportunity to make additional money and found your website here.

    I am curious whether all MLMs are actually scam or not. After reading your review here, I agree that Nerium indeed a legit MLM but the way they force you buy their product again after startup cost makes me think twice.

    It is better if I can start to make money online with small fund at first. I will check your recommendation there. Thanks.

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