Pro Travel Plus Review: Is Pro Travel Plus A Scam Or A Legit Opportunity?

I’m taking the time today to give you my pro travel plus review as this is a fairly new company that was registered on January of 2015. Consequently a lot of people online are asking,  Is Pro Travel Plus A Scam Or A Legit Opportunity? This review is going to cover the business opportunity that is being promoted through pro travel plus.

What is Pro Travel Plus?

Seth Fraser is the CEO of pro travel plus which was actually in a different company called Kannaway. The domain registration of this website is set to private but that isn’t a huge deal. Seth Fraser was part of some other companies in the past including Freebie Force (2007), That Free Thing (2011), and Uneeqlee (2013).

Pro travel plus is a MLM company that provides the opportunity to gain discounts on airfares, cruises, hotels, rental cars, entertainment and other travel necessity. They seem more like an affiliate marketing company because well it doesn’t seem like they have their own products or sell which was a bit of a head trip.

It seems like they are even selling their party products.

The Pro Travel Plus Product Overview

This MLM company gives many discounts on traveling essentials. Take a look at the compensation plan as you can actually see right below.

If you know how network companies work then it shouldn’t come as a surprise as you can make money by recruiting people into the business you are part of. I actually found a video that explains the compensation plan in an easy way to follow format. I’m using this video as a learning tool as you will find that video is very “for” pro travel plus so take it with grain of salt.

Should You Join The Pro Travel Plus Opportunity?

This MLM business seems pretty genuine as it is present but the issue like so many other opportunities out there in the market and that’s simply to gain any real money from this type of opportunity is to recruit like crazy lining up as many people as you can find under you.

Does it seem like it’s legit ? Yeah, it really does but the fact that it requires recruiting really turns me off as to begin I’m not a big fan of MLM business models. There is better ways to gain some extra income. The truth is that 97% fail in these type of business. The people that succeed are the ones that have experience, are going to work hard, and can put the time into it. It takes some understanding of marketing to really get yourself out there but most people will not meet the basic understanding (at the minimum) of these type of marketing methods.

I prefer to stick with my number one recommendation as I can make as much money or even more than these MLM distributor leaders and I could do it all from behind a computer. I don’t really enjoy giving presentation that is trying to get people to buy something or even to recruit them. These distributors try to sell an opportunity so hard that they get themselves into trouble by providing false claims in the process.

Have you had any experience with Pro Travel Plus ? I would really enjoy reading about your experiences as it will help my readers or anyone visiting this website make an adequate decision on if this is an opportunity for them.






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Hello everyone and welcome my name is Yunier Gonzalez as you might know. I help out people on the internet avoids scams and more importantly build their own online business. Remember sharing is caring so feel free to share my content with your friends :)


  1. Good job in not getting too much information on the page so the reader would not be overwhelmed or confused. I would suggest that you go back over your content and correct the grammatical errors that make it a little difficult to read. I liked the way you did not pass judgment on the product itself but merely stated your personal opinions on MLM instead. I also like that you gave the reader links to the opportunity so they could investigate it for themselves.

    • Hey there Rick,

      I’m glad you found this review useful but I agree this review was done on the road and I was in a hurry to get it out there but I think it’s time to edit some stuff. Thanks for the heads up !

  2. Hey Yunier

    Thanks for a great review. It is never easy to review a new product… So very well done on the amount of information you have been able to gather.

    I have not had any experience with Pro Travel Plus, and after reading your review, I am not looking to have any with them in the near future.

    This MLM money distribution plans reek of pyramids. You also made a great point that 97% of people fail at these and they are more valuable to experienced recruiters.

    How does your number 1 recommended program compare? Is it also an MLM company?

    Thanks again for the awesome effort!



    • Hey Marc,

      Thank you for the nice words this review took some time I won’t lie as it was a challenge to gather information on a company that is kind of new but it really came down to like most other MLM companies that you need to have the skills to succeed within network marketing.

      * #1 Recommendation * teaches people just like you and me how to build an online business on your interest and passions. One reason I don’t like MLM opportunities is the fact that you are usually promoting products that you have no real interest in.

      This is what makes wealthy affiliate such an appealing choice in my books ! Most people succeed within the first years plus you are building something thats yours when you are part of an MLM opportunity what is yours ? Nothing really.

  3. Thanks for this review. I suppose it might be genuine, but I also don’t like the idea of recruiting people and selling something like that. I want to start a real online business and do it my way, not work hard to get travel discounts. I want hard cash and I want to earn it.
    Thanks for sharing though, as I am sure lots of people might find this appealing and can make it work. Just not my cup of tea. I like Wealthy Affiliates and it is right up my ally.
    With that I can promote travel opportunities if I want to, through affiliate marketing. Or any other product and service that I want to. The opportunities are endless, I can choose any niche I want to work in and make it my own.
    This Pro Travel is very limited.

    • Hey Lynne,

      I agree that many people won’t try a MLM company as it tends to be associated with scams and it tends to limit you to only promoting THEIR products. I’m not a fan of recruiting at all which is why I suggest you take a look at my * #1 Recommendation *.

  4. Hey Yunier,

    Awesome article!

    I have to agree with you in regards to MLM companies, I know a lot of them are successful and essentially all internet marketing is MLM of sorts.

    It is weird that they don’t really have physical products to sell as telling someone about something isn’t half as enticing as showing them the benefits of owning a physical product or service.

    • Hey Aden,

      I agree the MLM companies that don’t have a physical products are less appealing to sell. I hope you found my review useful 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for your review on Pro Travel. It may be something that is half way legit but the owners//founders makes it sound a lot easier than what it truly is. This is the deceiving part. it should concentrate on educating folks who are interested in the travel industries and in doing so they will be able to come out knowledgeable and licensed as a travel agent. Again, thanks for sharing!

    • I definitely agree with you with the points you make . Many opportunities on the web are just a sales page as they try to deceive you into something by not disclosing all the facts which it’s a red glad because someone will find out about it.

      I’m glad you found this review useful 🙂

  6. I never know what to think of legit opportunities when I read that they are finally a mlm option – to me, the both go hand in hand ( scam and mlm ). Do you feel that these sort of opportunities are set up for the richer beginners to succeed and the more average joe to struggle?

    • To answer your question chris i do think that the people that jumped of the opportunity let’s say in the early stages are going to be a lot more successful for the simple reason that there are no reviews on the company so people might want to give it a go ! There isn’t much research to do on the company so it’s basically just convincing them. If you joined after let’s say just a year after it’s launch you can bet that there will be lots of reviews and complaints online which will probably steer possible referrals away. That’s just my opinion though 🙂

  7. With so many scams out there online it is nice to see a site like yours bring legitimate companies to light. Making money online is a wonderful thing and has such growth potential once you start. Thanks for bringing Pro Travel Plus to my attention. I will have to check it out.

  8. Hi Yunier, very informative site. Your review can save peoples a lot money and time, too. Have you joined Pro travel plus, it looks cheaper than other travels, but I don’t like it because they are running MLM business. I don’t like to recruit member and sell the product to our members. How about you? do you like it?

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