Project Payday Scam Or Real?

If you spend any time on the internet you will encounter many false advertisements as people are trying to scam you into believing something that isn’t true. Here today I’m going to give you my expertise on if the project payday is a scam or is real. By the end of this post I’m sure you will come to the realization of if this program is the right one for you.

I remember coming across this program a while back and it grabbed my attention so I ended up signing up for it but it came out to be a mistake.

To be fair with this review I will be honest I didn’t even get to try their program and that’s simply because I wasn’t going to be scammed.

Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean..

Why Project Payday Wasn’t For Me

Let’s get started ; The process will begin by you going to their website then providing your name and email address but after that it went downhill for me. You are taken to a page with a stock photo of a guy claiming he knows how to make money online. yeah right ! If you had gone to their website prior to this post you will be a testimony to them claiming that you don’t need any investment but how come every time you fill out some information you are redirected to another sales page ?

So pretty much you would be completing CPA offers but most of the time you would be required to give out your credit card info to fishy websites to say the least. I didn’t do this because one this isn’t the best way to earn money online and second I’m not going to ruin my credit score.

Either way I continued my research by landing at different forums and eventually found out one of my friends had recently bought this program. To make this short he was really upset and he started explaining the BS that was behind it but I’ll basically state it in my own words.

You have to buy products with your money to make any real investment with this program and that’s not all. What bugs me is the fact that they claim you will make real extensive money right away but that’s not true. You will be making about $2 an hour by doing simple but in reality really frustrating tasks.

Why I Think It’s A Waste Of Time

This might vary from person to person but my mindset is that making money online should be enjoyable not frustrating that has you slamming your head against a wall. If you have to be wary of cancelling a trial purchase in 7 days every time to make money then its honestly not worth pursuing.

That’s why I rather stay with affiliate marketing as it’s a way better solid approach that can deliver you money without the frustration that project payday consist of.

At the end of the day it’s not a very good program as in my eyes it’s a scam. If you lie to your audience from the beginning it wont end well and that’s exactly what happened.

Take a look at the comparison table to compare project payday to my number one recommended program.



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