Ralph Davis’s 2015 millionaires’ Club Review – Scam Or Legit ?

This is everyones dream without a question ! Doesn’t it all sound so nice ? Just imagine having millions of money flooding in all the time. All your dreams can be achieved by just purchasing this product the Ralph Davis’s 2015 millionaires’ Club  . This is what Ralph Davis is telling everyone but this review will reveal if this is a false statement or actually legit.

Right off the bat I found 3 common mistakes on this website that made me quite skeptical.


Mistake Number 1 :

They give you a timer on your access link that you came through. You are being told that if the timer reaches 0 your access link will not work.


Thats a big lie.

Mistake Number 2 :

Next mistake I see is the fact that a counter comes up of how many people are on the page. This is just a form of persuading you into committing towards this product/website by provide you of some sort of proof that there are real people on the page.

I couldn’t really believe this as proof as the numbers just kept going up more and more . If I had to guess i’d say that this number increases by the duration you stay on this page. If you don’t believe well thats fine but heres a hint just refresh the page and tell me if i’m still lying (lol).

Mistake Number 3 :

This mistake got me even more skeptical then I was with the first two mistakes. You are requested that you provide your phone number and email address twice. So not once but twice ? This is before you even see what type of advertisement you will see.

This was an extremely suspicious sales page in my opinion but either way i continued.

The Secret Gets Revealed (yeah right) 

Now after all that reality kicks in and this is just a website that encourages and promotes binary options. To make it simple for everyone that might not know, binary options is a form of estimating assets whether they will increase or just remain the same . I compare it to poker or gambling, that’s because it depends on chance every time. You guess right you win money but if you guess wrong well then you lose money.

$86,242,758 ? yeah right, that sounds too good to be true.

You will be told that you can predict the market and make every assumptions but in my opinion this is a false statement mainly because the market changes so much that to keep track of it is almost an impossible task.

Money shouldn’t be thrown around like how you will be asked to. This website is just trying to blind people by persuading them into thinking that they will be millionaires. I seen a lot of people become broke and homeless off this little game that you are trying to be convinced into playing by Ralph.

It get’s worse as you are being asked to provide a deposit to even attempt trading with the techniques and methods that they teach. This is a huge gamble that personally I would never do as it’s too big of a risk.

A Better Option :

Being a millionaire sounds super appealing but not to the point that it will make you do such obscene things. A better option to making money online is through affiliate marketing (my opinion) . Learn how to build an online in just 4 simple steps. Want to learn how ? Then I suggest you take a look at my number one recommendation.



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