Red Hot Traffic Firestorm Review

Product Name: Red Hot Traffic Firestormred hot traffic firestorm review

Product Owner: Michael Jones

Advertised Price: $17

My Review: I Dont Recommend


What Exactly Is Red Hot Traffic Firestorm ?

As the name suggest, this product is suppose to teach website owners how to generate online traffic into their business. You can receive this product via a pdf file or a video series. Its not very appealing to say the least.

A Quick Review

If you choose to get the video instead of the pdf please be warn that you will be hearing and seeing a lot of low quality traffic techniques that are already exposed to the internet world for the price of $17. The 60 pages of pdf file is very slow meaning that you will be reading in about 60 pages something that could have been said in a lot less time. It really looks like they made it longer just for the sake of it being more appealing to the public eye.

The Upsells

Like most products on the market, they will have upsells but I was pleasantly surprise to find out that red hot traffic firestorm didn’t have too many. For an additional $9 you can receive an additional 6 other traffic resources so it isn’t bad but then again the quality was so so not something I’d be ecstatic to get.

The Good

What I liked about this product was that it came in very simple formatting with the pdf file and the videos came in a link that you click on to watch it. With the simplicity it made it very easy to navigate but then again I never really seen to many people offer a course like this. To be honest this seem like the type of material that internet marketers would offer to get you on their email list.

Maybe I’m the only one that feels like this but it’s  thought.

Here’s a free bonus offer

Once you pay for the main product you are taken to the main download page where you will find other products as well from other marketers on internet. They offer a free product from other marketers, this is essentially an email marketing strategy. This marketer probably reached out to Michael to have this free bonus on the end of the red hot traffic firestorm for some type of compensation.

Either way this product is actually pretty decent but I would only get it if you already committed yourself to the red hot traffic firestorm and already purchased it. As this way it will come out free but if you were to purchase it on the side on any other platform it will cost you $9.99.

red hot traffic firestorm review

The Bad

I usually don’t even care about the way a product is delivered to me as long as there is good information that I can apply to my own online business but since there was no real information that I found valuable then the way this product was delivered will lose its quality.

If you know your course doesn’t offer that great or a game changer of information then the least you could have done was to present it well. Michael fails to do either or here and that’s why it doesn’t pan out in my book.

Let’s continue though, there is no support at all from Michael. It’s like here you got the course now give me the money and leave me alone. Nothing at all, co community or a contact page, it was very disappointing. If you get lost good luck ! You will probably have to Google yourself through the course.

My Verdict

Everything that was discussed in this course could have been found just searching through Google yourself. Not much value here and for that case I cant recommend this product at all. I mean everything that is shown here is in Wealthy affiliate and a lot more. I know people will act on emotion and buy this product but do yourself a favour and do not waste your time and money.

My Number One Recommendation 





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