Six Figure Income System Review

Product Name:  SFI Internet Income
Price: Free initially
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Verdict: Big Scam


What Exactly Is The Six Figure Income System ?

There is no way to otherwise explain this program, it is basically a program that has all the requirements that is MLM or pyramid scheme but tries to hide it any way possible. If you run across scam programs before they are usually the one that have the words “money” or “income” or even “millionaire” in them. This is done to attack the vulnerable that are trying to escape their 9 to 5 life.

The name alone can make anyone hesitant but that’s not what this review is about. I want to actually research this program and shed light on what this program is composed of.

A look Inside

Like I said before, its free initially but like pretty much every other multi level marketing there are the back end payments that you need to watch out for. Here’s what you will be asked to do.

  • Be an executive affiliate and stay with them every month
  • You have to recruit at least 5 people
  • Teach your affiliates to do the same thing

Okay first off if a program is requiring you to recruit people from the get go, guess what ? That’s not a very good program at all. Please tell me how recruiting isn’t taking part in a MLM system.

The Making Money Process With SFI

The 4 ways to make money with this program has been outlined below.

1.Making money by gaining VersaPoints

If you want to make money with this program then try accumulating as much VersaPoints as possible, you will need a minimum of 1500 at least. They tell you this is the minimum but they fail to tell you how much money you will be earning which is very fishy.

You are told that you will be gain 40% commission but umm of what exactly? I hate when I see a program that isn’t clear enough for you to make a sound decision. Carry on, how exactly will you make these 1500 vp.

In the first month, it seems pretty easy to achieve these points as you will be required to complete certain tasks. For example, like a SFI on Facebook and stuff like that but after the first month this becomes very difficult to achieve as the tasks are narrowed down into a much small pool of task that you can do.

Guess what, you will be asked to do ? You guessed it , pay for items just to get these points a month to make yourself eligible to make money with SFI.

2.Increase your income via is an e-commerce website which you can promote the products there for extra income but there is something’s to be wary about.

  • Lack of English from the sellers
  • Looks like a knock off of eBay

With these 2 alone there is a certain concern in my part, as why would anyone buy from an e-commerce website that has products that you can barely understand what is being said through their descriptions and information. I’m not trying to criticize the sellers but I am looking at it from a buyers point of view. What will make me buy from this e-commerce website instead of eBay ?

SFI methods are the ones that I truly hate!

You are highly encouraged to recommend this program to your family and friends . Buying stuff and sending it to your family and friends. Really ? Are they blinding you from the fact that you are paying SFI to buy their goods to give to your friends and family? I would say yes but let’s continue with this review.

You do have the opportunity to earn up to 60% commission from but how likely is that with the products and e-commerce site that is providing these items.

3. Take advantage of your income with sponsoring and duplication..

With members you recruit you will gain a small portion of their earnings as this is the MLM business that keeps reappearing throughout this program. With programs like this you are making nickels and dimes while they are making the top bucks as that’s how the whole pyramid thing works.

4. Some extra income

You can refer people over to which will result in you gaining adverts on your website. This fourth step is optional but either way I included it.

The Training

Like everything else from this program, I was not impressed at all ! There is barely any training and the training that there is mainly resides in teaching you how to sell triple clicks products. Needless to say this wont do you much good anywhere else.

My Verdict

Here is the moment of truth.. Sorry SFI I wouldn’t waste my time with this program as it comes at me very sideways and with too much of a MLM structure to even seeing myself being successful in such a type of program. Would you rather learn money online the right way ? No MLM business or even people telling you to recruit your family and friends ? If you think I’m lying please go ahead and take a look into my number one recommendation wealthy affiliate. Also note , wealthy affiliate is free to join.

Thank you everyone, do you have a personal experience with SFI that you would like to share? Please leave your thoughts and comments, I will make sure to get back to you ASAP.


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