What Is The ACN Scam ?

The big question what is the ACN scam ? well that is up to you to decide but let’s figure out if this MLM opportunity is worth your time or if it’s just another roadblock. For the people looking for a quick answer no ACN is not a scam but is not a MLM business model I would take part in.

What is ACN?

ACN is a company that offers telephone services but real question should be are you really suppose to make money by going up against the top telephone service carriers? I think not!

If you been in MLM business models before you will also be requested to make a list of people that you can network with right off the bat.

Before you even consider it, please note there is one time sign up fee of $499 but that doesn’t mean it stops there. To bad that doesn’t qualify you , to be qualified you have to purchase a flagship product, a video phone (cant be free Skype or msn you basically have to pay for it) the video phone alone cost $100 plus a $30 monthly fee. It doesn’t stop there ! On top of this you have to zip out 2 services and transfer them over to ACN. OH did I forget you will need to pay $30 a month to maintain your website , so add that up and my the end of a year you would have spend a whooping $1319 ! I almost forgot another $150 just to stay with the company.

That’s completely nuts ! No other way to put it my friends as this is plain crazy. After all that is when you are Qualified. By the way if a recruiter comes to do a presentation don’t even bother as they wont even answer your question and two they will hide all this information. Now that the money is out of the way let’s take a look at the different levels of the so called employees.

Level 0: TT – Team Trainer (Entry level)
Level 1: QTT – Qualified Team Trainer
Level 2: ETT – Executive Team Trainer
Level 3: ETL – Executive Team Leader
Level 4: TC – Team Coordinator
Level 5: RD – Regional Director
Level 6: RVP – Regional Vice President
Level 7: SVP – Senior Vice President

To go up the ranks you basically had to recruit people and guess who they tell you to start with ? You guessed family and friends, we have a winner ! How I love reviewing these scams ! By the guidelines on business models they technically aren’t a scam but if a recruiter hides this much information from you isn’t that scamming you ?

They aren’t disclosing all the information that you will need to provide. I mean this might not fall on ACN entirely but the truth is they are operating a horrible business if they have recruiters that are constantly doing this. They even tell you that if you invite your family and friends and they say no to just keep well annoying them . I’m sorry but that’s a big no for me.

Also there is a lot of even and training sessions that you will need to pay for and ultimately build your cost up for the year even higher. You are completely brainwashed into ACN thinking it’s the best thing in the world. But please save it as I been there and know how it all ends.

Before anyone mentions how they are being sponsored by Donald trump , please know if you pay a couple millions to anyone they will say what ever you want.

Who Actually Makes Money?

Someone that knows a lot of people and isn’t scared of removing their pride and brainwashing everyone that they can contact. I’m tired of this ACN BS ( sorry for my language) but they frustrated me to the brink. Do you have that much money to spend or let alone time as you have to go on 3 day events out of city and state. It’s all costs and anyone that tells you otherwise is probably a recruiter of them or is just not that knowledgeable of this topic.

Don’t get it twisted I’m not trying to trash talk ACN but sometimes you have to state something how you see it and in my eyes I don’t see ACN any other way. Are you looking for a real business model that doesn’t require thousandth of dollars just to begin ?

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