What Is The Reliv scam?

If you landed on this article then you probably have heard of Reliv International in the past and are interested in finding out what is the Reliv scam. Like always, I plan to give you my honest review unlike other people online that give their biased reviews. I will discuss the opportunity offered within Reliv international and see if it’s a company that I would recommend.

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What Is Reliv International?

Reliv concentrates in marketing products that fall within the health and wellness very popular niche. This is a very lucrative niche as building an online business within this market can possibly help you make a lot of money. Think about it, this is a niche that no matter the economy situation one may be in there will always be money to spend on these products. Here are some of the products that this company has to offer.

  • Essential Nutrition
  • Targeted Solutions
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Women’s Skincare

These are general products but each one has many under lining products under them in cream , vitamins, and much more.

How You Can Make Money With Reliv?

Reliv pays it’s contributor in a MLM business format but I will outline the different ways you can make money with this company.

  • Retail Profits
  • Wholesale Profits
  • Overrides
  • Cash Bonuses & Trips
  • Ambassador Program

With the retail profits you will get paid by the sales you can get customers to commit to or you can purchase the wholesale profits yourself. Overrides are basically getting paid by the amount of team members on your team (people you recruit). So in theory you will get a percentage of what your recruits make. Let’s say your team makes $5,000 monthly right ? At the end of the month you will get a portion of this amount. This is just a basic way that MLM opportunities tend to operate.

Is Reliv A Scam?

To be fair, no reliv isn’t a scam it actually seems like a very encouraging opportunity. Most people confuse what is a scam and an opportunity that takes hard work.

The truth is that MLM opportunities take more than work and a bunch of dedication to make it work. You will need to excel in making sales and recruiting team members. You will need to outline a plan and have your team copy and execute this plan.

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