What Is The Shaklee Scam?

I’m glad you came across my review instead of the biased Shaklee reviews that there are online. I applaud you for actually researching this company as you will find the answer to what is the Shaklee scam. There are hundreds if not thousandths of different network marketing companies that are all being advertised through the internet. Many companies online tend to promise the highest quality of products and even more so, they promise that you’ll be super well off financially.

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Network companies can be very hard, time consuming , and set you up for failure most times than not. It’s hard enough to be successful with the right company so just imagine if you commit to a company that’s objective will be to just empty your pockets ?

Shaklee Overview

Shaklee has been a corner stone in providing natural nutrition’s for about half a century and counting. They offer various health products including high quality vitamins and supplements, cellular anti-aging, natural weight loss, personal and skin care, and biodegradable cleaning concentrates.

Shaklee takes it’s work very serious and that means that they are committed to providing natural products that respect the earth.

Over it’s history Shaklee has invested over $250 million and counting on research development which proves that they are very serious about the business model that they are running.

What Is The Shaklee Scam ?

The reality is that Shaklee is not a scam what so ever ! Without a doubt I can say that Shaklee is a legitimate company and a profitable business that can be helpful to make some extra income.

Something should be said about the history of this company; A history of 50 years speaks volume as a company wont last around this duration if it wasn’t legit.

If you don’t know Shaklee has been a sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding team. A national team wouldn’t associate itself with a sponsor if it wasn’t reputable at the very least.

Shaklee delivers real products and that shouldn’t even be in question.

Why would a company that is a “scam” spend over $250 million in research development and product advancement.

Why Do So Many People Label Shaklee A Scam?

The issue with so many of these reviews online that claim that Shaklee is a scam is that most of these reviews that you come across are actually former distributers that since they didn’t see results for whatever reason assume that the company is a scam. It’s important to know that if you don’t receive the formal training that is required to succeed that likeliness that you will be successful are very dim.

Many MLM companies make you assume that network marketing is so easy but the truth is that it be rare for you to start seeing any significant if not any type of revenue in your first months. If you are not being taught the in’s and out’s of network marketing then I’m sad to say that you will not have the best luck. Stick to the basics and fundamentals as it will highly raise your chances.

At the end, it will all boil to the sales and recruits that you get below you as this will give you more opportunities. Many people are really well off with Shaklee. There is actually a report that over 1600 people have reach over $1 with Shaklee.

Shaklee Compensation Plan Overview

There are different compensation plans based on the level you will fall under. Below is some general information based on the different options.

Distributors can join at four levels from $19.95 to $750. Bonuses are paid on purchase volume.

You have three different membership options.

Super Gold Ambassador $750.00

Gold Ambassador $299.00

Distributor $39.95

Member $19.95

What You Need To Know About Network Marketing

Before you jump on board on this opportunity and invest a lot of money into the Shaklee Company. It might all sound like super exciting being an network marketer thinking you will make a lot of money you need to know that above 90% of people fail because of frustration or just lack of success . If you don’ have a real marketing plan then it will be a waste of time and money in my opinion.

Do I think that Shaklee is a scam ? Before I give you my verdict let me just say that this company has a very questionable past which encourages me to at the very least not recommend this opportunity. My verdict is :


I don’t mean to bring you down if you have high hopes but I say it how it is. I’m not one to sugar coat my writing as honesty is the best policy. Just know if you want to succeed with network marketing you will need to dedicate hard work and time but most important actually be very knowledgeable of this marketing method.

I find that network marketing isn’t for everyone, actually it’s not even for me ! Might come across like a surprise but I prefer my hands at affiliate marketing as it’s much easier to make a living off it in my opinion. Take a look my number one recommendation, to this day as it has taught me everything I know.

Have you had any experience with Shaklee ? Feel free to comment below your thoughts on this company if you like.




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  1. Hey Yunier

    Very well done article. Thanks for the info.

    Am I miss understanding something when you noted that over 1600 people have earned over $1 with shacklee?

    You are 100% right that people are better of investing money in educating themselves on the specific marketing aspect, before paying for a product that they do not know how or if they will sell.

    Is there a link for your number one recommended product?


    • Hey there Marc,

      Over 1600 people have made over 1 million but does that mean it’s your lottery ticket ? Nope lol MLM takes hard work and being very knowledgeable as it’s a hard sell most of the times. My number one recommendation is wealthy affiliate .

  2. Hi! This is my first time visiting your website. It sounds like Shaklee is a good company based on your review, but then you say they are a scam, which is confusing. I have heard of them before, I think. I don’t usually point out typos but in the review you say that over 1600 people have made a dollar with them. I think you meant some other number besides one.

  3. A very interesting site! I was pleasantly surprised by your review of Shaklee. Good to know that it’s not a scam, at all. Nice work.

    I urge you to change that sentence about earning $1 to earning $1 million. I knew that’s what you meant but it should be changed on the page.

  4. I think that I have come across something like this in the past. A friend of mine invited me to a meeting where they were recruiting for this kind of thing. The main thing that put me off was the fact that you were encouraged to become a member and then move up the ranks to become a distributor and so on. Of course there were costs to join and then costs to upgrade, but absolutely no training! You were on your own.

    Like you say, this is why people label these types of businesses as scams in a lot of cases.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. It sounds to me that this shaklee company are MLM based yes – that’s extremely worrying to me.
    Personally, I’d rather work down a mine than work for a MLM company – I can’t agree with any work online opportunity that needs you to pay to get started, it just makes no sense! 80% of MLM members never end up making a dime!

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