What Is The Visalus Scam ? My Honest Review

Hello folks, today I will be covering the topic what is the visalus scam or also known as body VI. I came across this product a while back and if you are looking at different opportunities on making some extra money.

The question does get thrown around a lot if Body vi is an actual scam or even pyramid scheme but I finally decided to make a proper review that will hopefully help you decided if this is a product worth looking into.

What Is Body Visalus ?

I’m sure you have heard of the body by vi 90 day challenge but if you haven’t this is  a meal replacement product but a business opportunity is also tied around it. The main product is a visalus shake that you mix with water or milk and it’s meant to decrease your appetite over time (90 days ). You will replace a meal a day and have the visalus shake will take it’s place. There is also a community that you can take place in that is available for everyone.

what is the Visalus scam ?

The community is there so members can help and motivate each other by striving to achieve the goals they have set up. I will concentrate on the business opportunity aspect of the product but needless to say there have been a lot of people that have lost weight as if you decrease your calorie intake you are bound to lose weight, it’s simple math.

This Is A MLM That I Would Avoid

To keep it simple you will have to have about $125 of products to make money off this and that is just the mandatory for qualifying. The only good thing is that there isn’t a wide selection of products which makes things simple but then again MLM is not the best way to make money.

what is the visalus scam ?

The MLM Compensation Plan

There are more than one way to make money but you have to become a distributor and this comes with three basic levels for you to choose from.

  • Basic $49
  • ECS $499
  • ESS $999

There are some other ways to make money which include:

  • Product Package Bonus
  • Weekly Enroller’s Pool
  • “Rising Star”
  • BMW Program
  • Building Teams and Reaching Higher Levels

Frankly I do not like MLM structure business models but there Is 2 different steps to making money with body visalus. It’s done between director and regional director but remember the more people under you the more you will get paid but to me it’s a scam.


The Reasons Why I Think Of Body Visalus As A Scam

This is mostly the case with every MLM type of business if you don’t know yet. People will do anything to recruit, right ? This means even lie so they are really  recruiting by even telling lies like how body visalus will treat your conditions such as cancer .

Question number 1: If this is the case then why isn’t this product on the shelf in your nearest health store ?

My issue with these type of products is that okay they promise you to lose extreme amount of weight in such little time ( 90 days ) but at what cost ? Do we know what actual ingredients are being used ? I mean if the product is so good why would they actual need recruiters wouldn’t the product sell by itself as it would be the best thing in the market.

Question number 2: Are you willing to invest that much money into this type of business opportunity ?

I’ve heard of people that have lost everything from marriage to job to the quality of their life because they went all in with this product as people tend to be providing empty promises they cant deliver. If I were you I would avoid this product as there is too much vagueness around it to consider it legit.

Even if the product isn’t a scam how am I suppose to trust these recruiters that are coming along as some very pesky sales people. Do you see me saying “YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS PRODUCT OR YOU WILL BE BROKE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE” well no but they sure are one came to my house and I actually had to threatened them by saying I will call the police because they wouldn’t want to live.

If I’m recruiter what is holding them back from obligating to do this myself ? That’s my point, this is one of the big reasons I will never join Body Visalus .

My Verdict

I will state it again, I do not recommend this MLM business model because I’m just not a big fan of MLM  and also there is too many unclear so called information that is in orbit in my mind. If you are in it for making money please do a U turn and avoid losing everything by going all in without much guidance.

A better way of making extra money will be to create your own online business than you can create. If you like take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review, the program that got me started with making money online and it’s my number one recommendation.






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  1. Thanks so alot for this post. Such a shame to see so many MLM schemes out there and that quite frankly ripping people off. This review will surely shed some light on that and help people save their money.

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