what to blog about to make money? Let Me Advise You From My Experience

Ever wondered how there are bloggers making money online ? More bloggers are finding out like many already know that creating an online income stream through blogging is more than possible. The issue that most people run to is that they always ask themselves, “what to blog about to make money” but you will soon be asking yourself not what to blog about but which way do do I want my website to make money.

If this is you then you will find some tips on this article to steer you in the right direction as far as making money online with blogging is concern. Are you hesitant about blogging because the technical aspect of websites ? In that case, I suggest you take look at the review of my number one recommendation.

How To Make Money By Blogging

I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression here.. Let me get it out the way from the beginning, making money online isn’t as easy as people might think. In reality it takes a lot of hard work and some major determination. In fact, many people believe that internet marketing will make them rich and I just stop for a second, pause and ask them ; If internet marketing made everyone rich don’t you think everyone will be doing it ?

If you think it will be something along those lines then I’m sorry to tell you that blogging just isn’t for you. With that being said let me give you some advice on what you need to blog about to make money. This will be more so for someone that already have a blog website started but if you don’t then I suggest you take a look at my guide to making money online. I based these making money online methods on my very own experience and as you already know not everyone’s success is the same.

What To Blog About ?

Now you might think I’m crazy here and well your answer that you will get from me it’s very simple actually. Want to know the big internet marketing secret that every authority website is keeping from you ? Drumroll please !!! You ready for it ? It’s your passion ! Any niche can be easily monetized so making money isn’t that hard .

What’s a bit harder is the process of bringing in traffic to your website through the search engines. This is something that will achieved over time but now let’s talk about the different ways that you can earn money from your blogs.

Not sure what to blog about ? I think you will find my post on what to start a blog about extremely helpful.

Affiliate Marketing

In my opinion, this is the best method on making money online as you can choose the program you which to advertise. I know many people that make a living off simply advertising programs they find helpful in their sub niche or niche. The awesome thing about affiliate program if its a quality non scam type of program then you won’t need to sell it at all.

If you are recommending a good program that your audience will find beneficial then its a win – win , you are helping out your visitors find a solution to their problem and in the process you are being compensated. You want to learn more about affiliate marketing ? Learn how simple affiliate marketing is.


This is a good form of earning some extra income in the process. Adsense basically places ads on your visitors computer when they are on your website and if they click on these ads you get paid in cents. That might not sound too appealing but the more people that go to your website the more likely that they will be click on these ads. This is more of a side income then a main source of income but I would be careful on which website I placed these in. The reason you may ask ? Do you really want to drive traffic away from your website for some few cents ? That’s only an answer you will know. Every website is different and as you further your process then you will realize what you want to do with your website.

Amazon Affiliate Program 

You might ask yourself why is it that I placed an independent affiliate program as one of the methods of earning money online. The truth is that amazon is one of the more distinct affiliate program simply because the amount of products that it has and also because it doesn’t just fall under one category. Amazon has become an online store where you can actually find anything you are looking for. It’s pretty unbelievable how much amazon has expanded over the years. Don’t get me wrong their commission pay isn’t the greatest as it ranges from 4% to 8% but it’s the fact that you can promote so many different type of products. You can realistically just be a part of one affiliate program (amazon) and be very successful online.

Selling Your Very Own E-Book

Now, this is an option that would be more down the line as you might need a few amount of visitors to profit from an E-book. This is an effective way of making money as remember, you will be posting on your website for free basically but if you offer good valuable information then your readers will want more articles and in a lot of cases be willing to pay you for your E-book as they value your writing and expertise in your niche.

The point of your E-book will be to grow your connection with your audience and in many cases it should  almost be like an extension of your website. For instance, it will be you diving into a topic a little more in depth. Instead of telling your readers how to do something in theory. This E-book will explain all your ideas, methods, techniques, and anything that you are trying to explain by giving many example in a crystal clear way leaving no room for questions or doubt.

We want our readers to be satisfied with what they are receiving specially more so if they are paying for it.

Private Sponsorships

Unlike adsense, private ads or sponsorships you actually have to go looking for them as they don’t just fall on your lap. You’ll have to find these companies that are willing to place ads on your page. You will need to find the right fit as not every company will think you are that perfect match for them.

This will probably only happen once you gain recognition as a blogger and authority website. With the right recognition the possibility of private sponsorships will rise. The key ? Write till your hand gets sore ! Oh and when that happens switch hands ! lol Take it easy everyone I’m just joking .

Public Speaking

This is probably not that common but in theory you can be paid for making some public appearances. This possibility here will extend your income streams really far as you will be advertising yourself as a blogger and be gaining a serious amount of exposure.

At first, you might have to volunteer but as you get more respected within your industry then that’s when you will get paid.

Offer A Monthly Membership

Now once you establish your audience and you have a stable amount of visitors on a day to day basis then it might be time to think about offering a membership where your audience can get further access to your content. Learn to treat your members right, how do you do this ?

Make them feel you unique by providing them with content that isn’t accessible to everyone visiting your website. This will only further your popularity as you can create a testimonial page where you can capture comments your members are saying about your websites membership.

This isn’t a day to day techniques that you can put into your website. Remember before anything we need visitors and once you have this, then monetizing your website will be extremely easy.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

If you are reading this conclusion then you have read the many different ways that you can make money from your blog. Every way can actually work extremely well and it is up to you to use these techniques on a way that you believe will best benefit your website.

If you are interested on how you can further improve your website then I suggest you take a look at the very program that I got started with and taught me the ins and outs of being a blogger and more importantly how to achieve a successful website that could create me an online income.

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  1. I think that writing a good blog article is an awesome way to start making some extra money, maybe that and a mix of amazon/ and or an ebook! Do you have any books out yet?

    Matt TheDopestMatrix
    Founder of passthejoint.me

  2. Thanks for the great info. This is definitely am awesome list. Which one do you think makes for a more stable income?

    • In my opinion, the best way to make stable income online is via affiliate marketing . But once you advance as a blogger and your website gains popularity you can easily combine some of these making money methods to double or even triple your income stream. It’s just a process that requires patience and determination.

  3. Yunier,
    Thanks for publishing this post. Very educational.

    One question I had when I started, “What to Blog About” and decided not to create just a blog site, since I didn’t know if I wanted to be tied down to writing a daily or even a weekly blog post.

    After surfing your site and reading your various posts, I may reconsider that decision.

    At the present I’m writing content articles for what I want to be an informational site, with the idea of maybe attracting new participants to the hobby I’m passionate about.

    • Hey joe,

      I’m glad I was able to help you provide enough information to lend you a hand. Writing about your hobbies is an awesome idea as this way you won’t ever get bored of what to write about. I always tell everyone that you need to pursue your passion not where you think the money is at.

  4. I have used all these methods and they all work. Just be careful of Adsense ad on page taking money from what you are actually trying to sell on that page. Great Post!

  5. You give good ideas on how people can learn to make money online, and you give good places for them to go in order to learn well. Great Job!

  6. I find that if you can help someone (improve there life) and build trust, just like a membership website. Sales will follow

  7. Hello Yunier, this is a really awesome post. Before reading this, I didn’t have much idea of how I am going to go about making money through blogging. Now I have clearer picture and I think of using google AdSense and Amazon affiliate program for a start. You mind sharing what is your personal view, or what you are currently using to monetize your site.

    • That’s a really good idea kumar ! From my experience the amazon affiliate program tends to work really well simply because the catalog of products that they have. Personally I like affiliate programs and E-book but this is once you are bringing a good amount of daily visitors through the search engines.

  8. I’m what I’d call a professional blogger, and I think that you have a great blog here. If you ever need a blogger on a specific topic, email me! I love to make blog connections and a platform to show my website as an example.

  9. Really cool article and definitly going to use some of these methods on my blog! Next to affiliate marketing, whats your favourite option that I should try?

    Greets Tijmen

    • Hey Tijmen,

      I’m glad you are going to incorporate some of these methods on your blog ! To answer your question, I really like the E-Book technique as this will give your name as a blogger even more awareness. But I do recommend you try one method at a time to see what type of results you can achieve and then go from there.

      • Alright! Thanks for your quick respond!
        I’m going to get my Affiliate marketing all set up so it works for me and then I’m going to check out the E-book technique!

  10. Who doesn’t love making money? I know i do and finding any way to do so is also pretty good. Obviously legal, but yeah you gave some great motivation on people who are trying to earn a few extra bucks. Great info ! Keep it up 🙂

    • Thank you Hagop,

      I really hope to inspire many people that have doubt about making money online that it is possible. I tend to believe that the grass is greener on the other side .

  11. Hey Yunier!

    Great article, this is actually a good refresher for me. I forgot all about adsense lol. But I’ve used a few of these methods and have been and still get good results. I love affiliate marketing and Amazon. These are a gold mine..all you have to have is some patience and a willing to provide real content.

    Thanks for the info!

    • Hey there Michael!

      I totally agree that patience is key . Too many people think that this is an overnight thing and its really not. It takes some patience and even more substantial amount of determination.

  12. This is great and informative article man, you even made me laugh too. But I couldn’t agree with you more, that to succeed in blogging business, you have to keep on writing useful content in order to monetize. Thanks man.

  13. What a great and comprehensive article on what to blog about, how to do it, what to use, the need for affilliates, adsense, e-books and so much more.

    Will you be posting anything more on each of these topics? I am hoping so.

  14. Great ideas about how to make money online and what to blog about.
    I think I will definitely try writing an ebook, too.
    This is a great addition to a niche site.

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