World Financial Group Review: Is World Financial Group A Scam?

Hello I recently came across this company called World Financial Groups as they were offering an opportunity to sell insurance in the way of MLM. Like many people , I started doing my own research online and I ran across a lot of people asking the same question, is world financial group a scam?

I review products and companies like these for a living, I have enough experience (in my opinion) in doing reviews to give you my own un biased take of World Financial Group. World Financial Group, Inc. - Internet Explorer 2015-07-02 00.38.57

What Is World Financial Group?

World Financial Group (WFG) is a 3 billion dollar company which markets many life insurances, annuities, mutual funds and trades financial solutions. They do try and well do run a permissible business there are certain issues I have with this business that I plan to discuss.

I seen many people claim that WFG is a scam because they promote their business to lower income individuals. If you think a company is a scam because of this then I suggest you don’t even look into any type of marketing. I seen people even say this unethical ! That’s a bit bizarre to me though I would call this good marketing strategies but let’s continue. By the way so you know I don’t think WFG is a scam but you cant base it off that alone.

When you join WFG you will need to pay some fees to actually get started. You will need to get licensed this will be another fee to account for and then you will be charged $100 for your background (double the charge of your traditional background check).

My Concerns

I do have some very extensive concerns that I wanted to share. You are probably aware of the very similar business model called primerica, well the founder of WFG Hubert Humphrey actually found this company after leaving Primerica in 1991. If you know anything about primerica this should definitely raise some concern as they use very manipulative and give you false hype.

Back when WFG was world marketing allegiance WMA they were fined a $125,000 for failing to report about 900 customer complaints.

WFG representatives were sued for selling unsuitable products and services to the elderly ( baby boomers). They were promising financial freedoms to these elderly people but it was money that they wouldn’t be able to touch for atleast 20 years down the line ! Read more about these lawsuits here.

Another change of name happen (security) at least in Canada it’s not known as world financial world but Transamerica Securities Inc now.

WFG claim to be wanting to spread education to those that really need it but this gets out shined by the unethical recruitment that is needed from their reps. There has even been reports of very hostile interaction between potential customer and rep. This is really giving WFG a very bad name in my opinion.

This business opportunity is usually offered to many people that don’t have a grasp on finance or economy. In my opinion, the people that can succeed are the ones that have a basic understanding of how network marketing actually works.

When a company encourages to recruit, recruit and recruit instead of executing the practice of sales then there is something wrong. You begin to form the flow of a pyramid scheme in reality . These business models are not very well done and for these reasons they should raise some concerns in anyone on the edge of committing.

Compensation Plan

There are many different type of compensation plans based on different levels and your rank but for this review I will concentrate of the base development one.

https___static1.squarespace.com_static_53adc219e4b0f28174fad935_t_53c35727e4b0ee8542618acc_1405 - Internet Explorer 2015-07-01 23.50.00What do these base points ? Your guess is probably as good as mine ! Compensation plans that involve recruiting and you getting paid off members you have is probably going to require a finance master degree and watch out ! Yes, It can be that difficult to figure out what these compensation plans actually mean to the brink of every single detail.

My Verdict: Is World Financial Group A Scam?

NO! it’s not a scam I want to be loud and clear here.


Yes, some reps don’t have a clue what they are doing and give misguided information. Some reps even promise your bizarre wealthy income and this is a shame but lets focus on the actual opportunity. I’m here to review the company not the reps, WFG provides you with tools, training, and quality products to promote right ?

Yes they can be a bit expensive from the license to the start up fees in general heck even the background check seems expensive. If an opportunity seems expensive does that make it a scam or a pyramid scheme ? NO it doesn’t ! It would be a scam if there was no real product and all the money was made specifically through recruiting but this isn’t the case.

Would I recommend it ? To be honest probably no as I believe in legitimate equal opportunity when it comes to making money or just marketing businesses. If you have your fair share of knowledge around finance in general and are looking to learn insurances then yes I would say go for it. For your average person this is going to be something you will highly struggle with as it’s very hard to succeed with in MLM business models and this isn’t an exception.

If you are trained accordingly then there’s a chance you will be a able to reap the benefits but again it’s very hard. I rarely recommend MLM companies as I feel its very hard to make money with them and also well, there’s easier alternatives that require less money to get started. Take a look my number one recommendation (free to join) .



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Hello everyone and welcome my name is Yunier Gonzalez as you might know. I help out people on the internet avoids scams and more importantly build their own online business. Remember sharing is caring so feel free to share my content with your friends :)


  1. Hello Yunier,
    You’ve made a very good job of putting me off considering this company.
    I would have thought selling insurance was hard enough let alone trying to build a network marketing business at the same time and that compensation plan looks plain ugly to me.
    I don’t now whether world financial group is a scam but it doesn’t look very attractive to me.
    Thanks for giving us this review Yunier, I’ll pass on this one.

  2. Hi!
    I am not familiar with this MLM program so it was a treat to read your review on them.
    It looks like if you get a good rep you make money and if you get a bad one you do not.
    What do you look for in a rep?
    I am a bit concerned by the founders association with Primerica.
    I would like to get more information on that/
    Great review!


    • Hey there shawn,

      It’s nice to hear from you first and foremost but let me explain to you the reps a little bit.

      What I meant by good and bad reps: When you get recruited by one of these reps there is two roads you sully travel like for instance the good would be landing in a team that promotes their products and opportunities objectively that do direct sales but also promote through online methods.

      The bad would be landing with reps that encourage false promotion like I recently reviewed an MLM company that claimed it could help cure cancers and stuff like that, was it true ? Nope but a lot of reps were doing this simply because they were led to believe this by their team leader.

  3. Hello,
    I’ve had some experience with MLM in the past. One of the major downfalls that I’ve seen is that they tend to require ongoing purchase of their product by their members in order to qualify for payment, and in my opinion, that places a lot of performance pressure on anyone trying to sell the company’s product. Is that the case with WFG? If so, how much could someone expect to pay per month in order to qualify for payments?

    • Hey paul,

      I’m glad to hear your comment and your concern about this company. There are no pre qualifications that you need to have but they “encourage” you to take financial courses to better understand their business.

      If you have a prior MLM experience then I wouldn’t worry too much but then again you should be informed about insurances at the very least. I also don’t like how they are related to Primerica and that is the reason many people leave.

  4. Hi Yunier,

    I think you’ve provided us with a really well rounded and honest review here. I couldn’t really tell for a bit whether you were going to recommend it or not.

    I am not big on mlm but I think if I did I would do some major homework on the company and would be reading websites like yours as a reference. Thanks for sharing

  5. To me, it doesn’t matter how old or established firms like Primerica are or who opened up world financial group – they are all MLM based which means they are all pretty much worthless to 80% of people out there (because only the top 20% of these company members ever manage to make anything!). Thanks for the review but it’s definitely one for most people to avoid…;including me!

  6. Before I went into affiliate marketing, I was actually in this company and another life insurance company (I don’t have affiliation with them any more just to be clear, and in no way am I trying to defend them like other defensive agents). Needless to say, I do believe in the life insurance products that they offer as they protect your capital in the event of a stock market crash. However, if I had the chance, I probably would have avoided joining the business in the first place. Like most MLM’s, they are not sustainable and some can be flat out scams.

    I am glad you did this review,


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